Monday, December 20, 2010



The gravity of gravity is impossible to describe
Confiscate its grasp and you are left with pandemonium
Appreciate its force and all things surrender
The significance of this invisible energy is misunderstood

Gravity, one might say, is the universal guardian
It demarcates the stations of celestial crossing
It defines the spacing of space
It forms the shape and design of the universal egg

Is gravity an internal force present in all planetary objects
Is gravity responsible for universal contraction and expansion
Is gravity the lung that warps space
Does it ultimately give birth to the next dimension

At an Earthly level gravity creates stability
It allows people to stand on their own two feet
It stores water in fossil filled basins
It allows birds to fly and fish to slice through water

Ultimately gravity grounds your reason
It stores in chemical order all the liquid in your brain
It directs the flow of blood throughout your entire body
It would be grave to go to grave having ignored the gravity of the situation.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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