Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hang the Carcass High

Hang the Carcass High

Cattle are docile creatures that love to graze amid the grass
The end result is cud accompanied by a smelly methane gas
They occasionally look up to assess the vehicular traffic
When they moo it means the bull has become somewhat pornographic

After a hearty meal they plop their hefty odorous dung
It’s amusing when they yawn and stick out that long pink tongue
Up and down the field they roam all day
Then at night they return to the comfort of the barn and a bale of hay

The farmer carefully grooms them for their intended fate
Keeping them well fed and mildly over weight
An occasional dose of anti-biotic will ensure their healthy state
For the butcher it will mean he can elongate the consumer expiry date

A loud whistle begins the boarding on the doomsday truck
Little do they know they have become as a sitting duck
The ride in close quarters does bring a little unease
In twenty hours they will be all chopped-up and ready for the deep freeze

Off the hauler and into the slaughter
Queued for death they receive a quick bath with frigid water
A bullet to the brain and so begins their quiver
With belly sliced open Hannibal rejoices, it’s time for fava beans, Chianti and liver

Hang the carcass high to finish the butchery
A premium hyde will one day blanket the shoulders of treachery
The guts then spew into an awaiting container
Murder is that easy when the victim is a no brainer.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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