Friday, December 10, 2010

Harper, Rockin’ and Playin’

Harper, Rockin’ and Playin’

Harper, rockin’ and playin’ a tune by Mick Jagger
While on stage he looked to impersonate the ultimate shagger
Only in Canada, Eh, can a Prime Minister sing
With Clinton on Sax, look for them to be the opening act in Beijing

Harper was also seen doing the Watusi at the United Nations
The solo performance did give off some very strange vibrations
Found ranting and raving “Security Council” in the halls
All the while scratching and scraping his two middle balls

The lifers one by one appear to be departing his band
Nonetheless his kingdom, he proclaims, will always remain in his mighty hand
A little folly is good when doing the political Shuffle
It definitely primes Stephen’s ego amidst the growing kerfuffle

This is a man of real contradictions
Perhaps a dictator with some real deep moral convictions
He brandishes the persona of a humble politician
Casual wear, nifty haircut and the look of a Sunday school musician

Enter backstage and there you will find our beloved leader
Jeans, shit-kickers and nicknamed the champion breeder
Bronco busting his pass-time at the weekend rodeo
Ignatieff follows drowned out by Harper’s loud stereo.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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