Tuesday, December 21, 2010



If we thought tobacco companies were destroying our health
We will conclude that Banks are destroying the very fabric of human life
If we thought asbestos was destroying the human lung
It will be sad to learn that Corexit is eradicating every form of Earthly life

If we thought Communism was a political evil
Democracy will be crowned the double-agent of deceit
If we thought Hitler was the re-incarnation of evil
The secretive Rothschilds will be proclaimed Satan’s gift to mankind

If we thought the media was a voice of social reason
We will learn they were the greatest manipulators of the human mind
If we thought the military was our protectorate
It will be tragic when we learn they have readied the chains

If we think of our political leaders as being democratically elected
The shock of learning they were appointed will make your stomach turn
If we come to believe there is no God
His disappointment will be realized when you ask Him why.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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