Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Imagine the Silence

Imagine the Silence

Imagine joyful tears and not the cries
Imagine the look of wonderment rather than bewildered eyes
Imagine a hand that cares for a person in distress
Imagine a pointed finger unable to oppress

Look upon the silence of the unborn embryo
Look cautiously to understand the globalist’s hidden manifesto
Look past the surface of the soil to find the hibernating seeds of life
Look past your vision to find the neighbouring human strife

Imagine God and an idyllic Heaven
Imagine yourself amongst the other eleven
Imagine hate the victim of its own greed
Imagine love as the foundation of a universal creed

Look to discover the nature of disease
Look to undo the impact of a scripted financial freeze
Look to expose those who perpetrate wars
Look for those who script untruths behind secret doors

Imagine the silence between the chaos
Imagine the power of a global pathos
Imagine fear allied with a mighty courage
Imagine knowing the Great Spirit will you encourage

Look first upon all the possibilities
Look then to find solutions amongst all the probabilities
Look past your limitations and fear
Look for God’s calling as your ultimate career.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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