Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Man

The Man

The Man has made a comeback in the Still of the Night
Born to be Wild still inspires Steppenwolf’s revolutionary plight
Vietnam to Afghanistan, we have not learned thing
The words of a promised land, remember Martin Luther and Mr. King

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay you will find Otis Redding
Towards the House of the Rising Sun he glared as the darkness began spreading
It’s Impossible Perry Como tried to tell us all
There Ain’t No Sunshine sang Bill Withers from the music hall

Johnny spoke of Sunday Morning Coming Down
Petula knew main street would no longer be in the old Downtown
Jobs are Blowin’ in the Wind and the young are in revolt
The Battle of New Orleans may restart with an email rather than a six-shooter colt

In 1965 we were on The Eve of Destruction
The Pill assisted lust by controlling sexual reproduction
Only Women Bleed was the message according to Alice Cooper
Now we have progressed from abusive relationships to a decadent global stupor

If I Were a Carpenter the words of Jesus I would heed
Do You Believe in Magic could be the words of a new angelic creed
All the Leaves are Brown and the Sky is Grey
Perhaps a Beautiful Day is in store for U2 if you just learned to pray

Skynard preaches to be a Simple Man but watch out for each Sign
A poem, remember, requires that you read in between each line
Painted Black or painted white, did you forget the 60’s and our willingness to fight
Dion revived Abraham, Martin and John so we could remember each heartbreaking night

There Ain’t No Sunshine according to who
The Long and Winding Road is long but we know what to do
Nights in White Satin, the words are beautiful and pure
Yesterday may be haunting but in the arms of Mother Mary you will be secure.

Love & Peace to all the “BEATNIKS and HIPPIES”
Joseph Pede

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