Thursday, December 23, 2010



A name chosen by the hand of God
A young mother it was written she would be
A womb whose chastity had never been broken
Seeded with a Son by divine intervention

Wife to a simple carpenter
Mother to all mankind
Deliverer of life’s greatest mystery
Bearer of infinite sorrow

She was as the “Silent Night”
Walking only in the shadow of a great light
Her hand had wiped many a tear
Caressed a Child who knew no fear

Ave, Ave Maria
Pray for us Mother Mary
Mortal fools puppeted by evil misdirection
Souls empty of all spiritual reflection

Pray that we remember the Child in the manger
His message of love valiant no matter the danger
A Son crucified upon the cross
At Easter we rejoice in remembering your loss.

Merry Christmas,
Joseph Pede

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