Monday, December 27, 2010

The Multinational

The Multinational

A grotesque aberration spawned by good intentions
Inventive minds conjuring the secrets of the physical world
Innovation casting the past into recession
The future unwillingly to be impacted by its special effects

This is the birth of the multinational
An idea obsessed by boundless economic benefit
A creative mind lured into the jaws of greed
Patent ready destruction synergizing a veiled force of financial opportunism

The inventor bestowed with prosperity and wealth
Befriended by Elitists, Politicians and the hunger of Moneylenders
Finally falling prey to an obsessive voraciousness to corrupt everything
As a cancer cell ravages the very host that gives it life

In due course this good intention marries another
Placing its impression on the phenomenon called life
Always on the look out to befriend the creativity of other magical minds
As melatonin works its wonder on the pineal

Its incarnation seen as pin striped suits walking within the guarded brick and mortar
Secret vaults store the ingredients of mind-bending mutation
A political bodyguard sits at its right side
The law comfortably flanking the transgressing left

Look closely to realize that we have given birth to anarchy
A Pandora’s Box whose lid lays dormant on a slippery floor
Ideas intended to comfort the few and not the masses
A financial monster whose conduct ultimately breeds contempt for all concerned.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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