Friday, December 24, 2010

My Friend Victor

My Friend Victor

To my very best friend Victor
His name an oxymoron in light of his many personal challenges
His life comparable to that of the romantically nomadic gypsy
Celebrating his being with every woman he meets

Kandinsky and Picasso his abstractionist heroes
He to the nonrepresentational and conceptual artist
One who reflects through his own paintings and sculpture
Sketching life as the jovial vagrant on the edges of the human boundary

Victor’s condition may stem from the fact that he is as the wandering Jew
It could also be that the Rabbi had too much vodka at the Bris
Nonetheless he boasts of very lengthy manhood
Comparing his “gefilte fish” to the very best Mandingo male

Victor’s composition and spelling skills are atrocious
But what comes out of his mouth is a joy to the bewildered ear
Perhaps he is one of the best story-tellers I know
His madness and mannerisms will mesmerize the unguarded listener

A man who finds comfort smoking peyote amidst a Mexican desert
A fool who will use his pecker as bait while swimming with sharks
His fingers generally found stuck inside his nose
Then completing their journey with an occasional tooth cleaning

What else can I say about my hilariously eccentric Heeb
An intellectual soul who has found comfort in anonymity and isolation
Abandoned much of what he once loved
Yet happy and spiritually bliss with his Indian Masks looking down upon him.

Merry Christmas to my Jew Bagel,
Joseph Pede

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