Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Solemn Act of Being

The Solemn Act of Being

What one factor affirms your state of being
Is it while you exercise all your individual senses
Can it be the verifiable reflection in the mirror
Perhaps it is the mass of flesh that surrounds your inner mystery

Contemplating life is as to consider it in its absence
The act of living could be the affirmation that nothing is the real existence
These two absolutes define the solemn act of being
A contemplation that yields eternity or nothingness

In being we are granted the sequential randomness of life
Life is a spontaneous creation of confusion supplementing the universal chaos
It intervenes to cast its hollow judgement on the reasonableness of a God
It provides no answers just more questions

To define life would be to truly understand the essence of being
Biologically and chemically we are the composition of simple elements
Physically we are a maniacal mosaic of universal matter
Metaphysically we are a wonderment of complete and utter confusion

The solemn act of being requires your best question
It matters not that you have spent a lifetime ignoring the two absolutes
What matters is that in the final act of life you reflect on having been
This last meditation fills all that was empty when you were

The moment of death provides a windowless view of eternity
It lends its consciousness to one of the two absolutes
Where you sit in your moment of destruction helps to define the ultimate salvation for all
Eternity and nothing are a choice.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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