Sunday, January 23, 2011



Pork bellies ripen for the takin’
Pigs turn hollow for their bacon
Boars of old have long since departed
Scum has transformed warrior into the now faint hearted

Extra lard makes the saucepan sizzle
A fattened surface cleaned only by an iron chisel
Sausage links connected by salted intestinal fibre
The Oracle foretold of humanity turned to cyber

The journey as always debuted at the livestock auction
Sold are slaves, equine and all prized concoction
Silver and gold is the bounty that holds dominion over all flesh
Steel chains relinquished for carbon fibre mesh

Spartan nerve bred to overcome death
Roman warrior whose courage knew no breadth
Macedonian valour few did vanquish
Mongolian herds the enemy failed to banish

The mystics will return to convert dragon to dust
Pigs will wallow in the remains of Draconian lust
The blood of soldiers and the innocent will not be in vane
Each slaughter will be held to account in the God’s domain

A new age of reason will soon approach
Those who bore tunnels will be buried as the cock roach
Bacon will no longer be unorthodox
Mud encased chivalry will become the new paradox.

Sit Deus malum carnem pulveris remedium,
Joseph Pede

The New Madrid fault line, HAARP and the BP Oil spill are all in play. Please make refernce to Edward Cayce and the prognosticated map of the USA after a major earthquake.

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