Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Burning Bush

The Burning Bush

A baby cast adrift amongst the bulrushes of the River Nile
Ancient pyramids greeted his passing with a cautious smile
The Pharaoh’s daughter by the water’s edge discovered this curios lad
Prophetic irony would now find this child majestically clad

Short are the fortunes of a fortunate life
Heaven delivered reality with a spiritual knife
Self-exile found Moses forsaken in a desert wasteland
His eventual arrival to be greeted by a shepherdess’ hand

For two-score he guarded a brew of meandering sheep
Moses’ name no one came to utter or even peep
Silent was this Prophet awaiting his time
The order came to address the matter of a little war crime

Battle victory pronounced him hero to all of Israel
Christianity marked his triumphs in the art of Raphael
Atop Mount Sinai again ended his journey
Mystery transformed into legible script without an attorney

A burning bush provided the shape of the energized Master
A fiery rod carved the rock like softened plaster
The rules appeared simple for everyone to understand
Millennia later we find ourselves unhappy with His written command

Ignorance sadly is no fault of a misguided people
Media conditioning has transformed souls into real-life sheeple
Walk the wasteland to expand your learning
The bush filled with skull and bone you should look to be burning.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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