Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kings and Queens

Kings and Queens

Lord open the Heavens and look down upon the Earth
Ingest the sinew of all wretchedness and evil
Chain the deviant doers to Hell’s fiery doors
Cast their souls adrift into the corridors of darkness

Elizabeth secretly veiled within the House of Hitler
Beatrix whose progeny bare the tattoos of a Nazi delusion
Margrethe clouded in aristocratic smoke
All queen regnant of a fictitiously hollow detente

Abdullah’s oil fuels war and terror
Albert hosts the “ponzi” known as the European Union
Akihito masquerading as a god on Earth
Lunatics whose deceit would bring folly to a warrior Caesar

Royal bloodlines one and all
War, treason and murder once opened their door
Bow and curtsey to behold their shoes
Forebodingly the black lustre paints the picture of a sinister curse

Machiavellian trainees in the language of lies
Merovingian disciples of a God they once trafficked
Mephistophelian disciples of the undying arts
Money iconography to the millers of money

Lord we pray you consume this fakery
Military mannequins whose garb is sanctified by the blood of deadened soldiers
Fortified castles watch over their hollow dominions
Lord we pray you sterilize this treachery.

Haec petimus in nomine Dei pii,
Joseph Pede

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