Sunday, January 16, 2011



Offspring of a select empowered few
Social engineering making all others strictly taboo
Fraternity spun from a black widow spider
Eugenics guards against the tempted outsider

Generation to generation the genes flow through
Blue blooded legacy protected by secretive peer review
Jobs and pensions easier for the fairer complexion
Human resources aid in the manipulation of candidate selection

Inbred narcissism at its nepotistic best
Secrets kept hidden in the bias filled chest
The brood educated to the least degree
So begins the branding trademark of the next future franchisee

Kings and Queens hold the highest security
“O” negative the calling card with the highest purity
Politicians and bankers the cockroaches of human travesty
For their crimes Kings and Queens bestow the gift of gracious amnesty

These are the Paedophiles spawned in the Garden of Eden
Lore has it that blue bloods hailed from the scum of a Scandinavian Sweden
Letches who continue to saturate truth with lies
Within anonymous agendas they continue their disguise

Political Paedophilia is a crime of high treason
Their progeny raped at birth to defy all logic and reason
Severe this monster from the future feast
Their dessert lies in the coming of doomsday beast.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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