Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Prayer of Vengeance

A Prayer of Vengeance

We call upon God to hear our prayer
To the malevolence which manifests in a benevolent robe
To those who have employed secrecy to bring harm to the masses
To those who manipulate mind and matter

Lord let their hearts be filled with everlasting sorrow
Let their cadavers poach in the pits of Hell
Let their hate be blanketed with perpetual pain
Let their souls be erased from the book of eternal life

For the meek who are blind to the tragedy
For the ignorant who have fallen prey to the treason
For the old who deserve much better
For the young who are lost in regrettable merry

Lord let those who preach calm be greeted with your wrath
Let all their senses be subjected to nature’s furious superlatives
Let their semen transform to pus
Let them feast upon vermin and pestilence

For the great creatures that inhabit the Earth
For the great sculptures chiselled in granite
For the flora and fauna which grace our existence
For the aggregate wonder that rests in passive resistance

Lord undo the evil deeds of a Satanic few
Lord redirect this evil to its unholy offspring
Lord invoke pandemic and disease upon these Devilish creatures
Deus exaudi orationem. Deus exaudi orationem. Deus exaudi orationem.

Deus noster orationem fieri,
Joseph Pede

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