Sunday, January 2, 2011

Prostitutes - Revelation 17:1 - 4

Prostitutes - Revelation 17:1 - 4

Long legs and silky lace stockings
Spandex skirt hugging all the curves
Sultry lipstick glosses the moistened lips
High heels click and clack atop the cold concrete

The glimmering night lights mesmerize the senses
The wolves inebriated with passionate vice
Pheromones sprinkled as holy water throughout the night air
Belt buckles loosened while the hands play in the dampened pockets

An exchange of smiles creates the first desire
A close body rub tests the passion
A warm embrace and wandering hand seal the deal
The price superficial in the absence of all moral clarity

“Erotic ads” provide picture, price and selection is made easy
Sexual pleasure compliments of home delivery
Full service starts with a knock on the door
Passion for hire now available in “bundled services”

Virtual gratification so too compliments of TV, video and Meucci’s mania
Dollar desires paid for by the minute
The variety a feast for any king or queen
The menu starts with young, old, fat, exotic, blond and bondage

The pimps hiding in the shadows
Hollywood reaping rewards while masquerading in the so-called avant-garde art
Multi-nationals the new goodfellas of packaged vice
The line lost for Politicians with sand in their face

The conspirators come in all shapes and sizes
Selling wares, ecstasy, dreams and desires
A “skirt or a suit” clad with an enticing smile
Prostitutes, bankers, politicians, industrialists – you pick your poison.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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