Sunday, January 16, 2011

Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo Dolls

The tormented souls of Black slaves walk in the mist
Chains heard clanging to the beat of a white man’s fist
Across the globe their bones still toil the worm filled earth
These the walking dead baptized with sorrow from the day of their birth

Sugar plantations echo the sounds of machetes slashing
Cotton fields where hands and thorns did their daily clashing
Whips whistled upon blackened flesh when output failed the ration
100,000,000 perished in what could have been Christ’s Passion

Around campfires voices resonated songs of human misery
By accident the pain and suffering fashioned a new religious wizardry
Prayers whose words foretold of an Amazing Grace
Revenge to be perpetrated through the creation of a new godly race

Santeria and Candomble arose as new spiritual isms
Voodoo shaman forged an ominous black and white theological schism
Bondye and Lukumi the new 007 and Lucky Luciano
Ifa the new system of divination practised mano-a mano

Animal sacrifice that rivals the rituals of the Bohemian Gardens
Evil eyes that even a Mason knows there are no pardons
Needles that pierce life-like voodoo dolls
Magic that frightens even the most elusive Satanic Cabals

Zombie warriors called from their deadened rest
Haitian suffering for the world will one day be its test
Shake the rattle to free the affliction
This the year that moneylenders surrender to crucifixion.

Carus Deus permissum finis venio,
Joseph Pede

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