Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boyz to Men

Boyz to Men

Good evenin' boyz
We’re headin' out to Hooterville
On the choo-choo train of course
The “Shady Rest” is awaitin’ our arrival

Only one stop between here and paradise
Sam Drucker’s General Store
Pick-up some jaw-breakers and Vaseline
Some viddles for the vixens too

What a beautiful ride through the country-side
Passing Pixley and all those Green Acres
Mr. Haney honked at the caboose as we passed the crossing
The hogs were followin’ Arnold to slaughter

It’s finally Friday night, and
We have arrived at our destination
Uncle Joe snoozin’ and passin’ gas on his rocker
Time to get ready for a jamboree and hootenanny

Put on our best long-johns
Vaseline the hair to a perfect crust
Spit polish those mirrored black shoes
Men, ready the rubbers, it's time to vote!

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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