Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Federal Budget - Canada, It’s More Complex

The Federal Budget - Canada, It’s More Complex

This budget need not be the reason to end Stephen Harper’s Prime Ministerial role. The rationale should be that he sits on the wrong side of humanity. His actions prove that he has embraced American Neo-Conservative Satanic values. By doing so he has turned a blind-eye to the financial corruption and the murderous activities of a malevolent clique of American Nazis. For Canada to have accepted an invitation to participate in the Libyan crusade is a clear signal that Harper has embraced and become a member of this corrupt global Cabal. Forget about the budget proposals, we are fighting for Canada and its future role in a good world. The criminals known as Bush, Clinton, Obama, Rockefeller and a corrupt segment of the Military Industrial Complex need not win. Harper need not win. All I hope for is a minority government so the people of Canada win.

With Harper at the helm, Canada could become the victim of an economic tsunami when the American economy collapses. We need not be in that position. Removing Harper will mean that the Globalists will have lost a key battle ally, and a foothold in a vital and strategic geographic region of the world.

Spontaneously generated revolutions in the Middle-East are a last ditched effort by the Globalists to secure control of the valuable natural resources in that region. The objective is to control these resources and make difficult China’s foreign policy expansion in the Middle-East. This effort will prove futile because Islam will not forget the treachery, murder, war and poverty that American foreign policy subjected them to over the past three decades. Not to mention the stereotypes, the establishment of rogue CIA cells and hate-filled propaganda Muslims have been subjected to. The people of Japan recently witnessed what American vengeance can do. The actions of these rogue Globalists, in the end, may destroy an entire culture and contaminate an entire country. These are the invisible genocides perpetrated by God-less people.

The economic success of Chinese ingenuity in Africa will be embraced by the countries of the Middle-East. This in retrospect will make Israel an accepted neighbour, and my belief is that Jews and Muslims will cooperate and forge a long-term peace. China and Russia will administer that peace much more successfully. By controlling extremist Zionist and Islamic activity, harmony will be achieved. Rothschild controlled institutions like the B’nai B’rith and the ADL must be neutralized in this process, along with the Rothschilds themselves.

Canadians would make a grave mistake by placing Harper back at the helm of this great nation. We must withdraw from Libya, we must be a valiant force in a Middle-East peace and we must embrace the emerging economies attempt to grow within our own economy. We must take “seed” in what we helped to create. Finally, it would be a valiant move to kick out a Globalist Queen who has prospered from the woes of humanity. Beneath the hat there exist two well adorned horns.

Harper must go,
Joseph Pede

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