Friday, March 11, 2011

The Mystery of the Big Bang

The Mystery of the Big Bang

Let us assess the Mystery of the Big Bang
Rather when substance filled the form
When atomic fission created the stars and planets
When nothingness generated the probability of life

But what distinguishes life from matter
Could it be the flesh that binds the mass, or
The chemical composition that elevates biology into intelligent form
Perhaps antimatter manifesting in physiological fashion

What distinguishes blood from the water flowing through the rocks
What human appendage differs not from an erected form of earth
What nervous system varies from the roots of a soaring tree
What brain imagines less than Mother Nature’s wisdom

All this manipulated by the whims of magnetism and gravity
The laws of attraction twice those of repulsion
Its grasp fashioning the ever expanding and contracting universe
Subliminally modifying our affinity and infinity to creation

As the oxygen molecule storms within the palpitating lung
So too does the landscape of our existence change
An eerie Revelation fashioned in the guise of a Big Bang
The Middle East, Asian Pacific Rim – where next will human treachery travel.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede
Reference my poems: “Shakin All Over” and the “Ides of March”

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