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The Origins of Man and 666 - The Story of Robert Morning Sky

The Origins of Man and 666
The story of Robert Morning Sky

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I hope you enjoy reading this document as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Your review of the contents may challenge your belief systems or you may conclude that I am crazy. Is what I am presenting a Star Wars type fable or the true history of Man? I have included the writings of a man who was considered the embodiment of evil. Crowley was a Freemason, Occultist and Witch. I also wish to make passing reference to Doc Marquis. A third degree Illuminist Black Witch who was once a member of the House of Rothschild. These individuals however are not the essence of this essay. I will attempt to show you how evil can be transformed to good. We begin with the ominous meaning of the number 666 and we will conclude with its interpretation based on the writings of Robert Morning Sky and my personal experiences. They are both unique.

The number 666 or "Ommoo Szathan is the 'Evil Triad'. The meaning of the number can be referenced to Aleister Crowley’s “Book of Emanations” where he ascribes numeric values to Hebrew words. The translations are detailed in the Sepher Sephiroth. The triad consists of the:

a) Stooping Dragon, Apophrassz b) the Slayer of Osiris – Szathan-Toophon and c) the brutal power of the Demonic Force - Bessz.

In the “Night of the Werewolf” by Michael W. Ford, the following is referenced by Crowley as well:

Night is the in-between point which later unveils the light, therefore being a barrier and initiation aspect of the self and such conceptual matter. The numerical 666, described by Aleister Crowley is the number of the Beast, which is inherent in the Sun in the Zodiac. The Sun is also associated with the Adversarial Triad, being Shaitan (Set) Typhon, Apophras (Apep) and Besz, a god of transformation. The Devil as an initiatory force is considered masculine, thus is represented by the Phallus or source of creative life.

Below are summarized the writings of Robert Morning Sky, taken from the “The Terra Papers”. It details the history of our universe, galaxy, solar system and provides a chronology on the origins of Man. Specific words and names described by Morning Star are indexed at the rear of this essay. While Crowley was a learned disciple of the Mystery Schools, Occultist and Freemason, Morning Star’s knowledge came to him through the traditional rite of passage and a theological degree. We are about to pit the knowledge of the mystery schools against the real life experiences of Morning Sky’s grandfather. It should be noted that Aboriginal tradition forbids that this knowledge be given to the ill-prepared “White Man”. I hope I have not erred in my judgement. The irony is that our Mystery Schools have withheld a similar knowledge. Humankind appears to have been kept in the dark at all levels.

We have all heard about Roswell, New Mexico, but how many of us have heard about the possibility of multiple UFO crashes during 1947? What Morning Sky details is his grandfather’s experience when he and several other Native Indians found a living extraterrestrial or “Star Being”. Below is a synopsis of his story.

Bek’Ti’, the Star Being, began his story by describing the history of the Universe. He did so with the use of a “crystal”. Perhaps many of you have heard of the “Crystal Skulls”. Crystals play a major role in all life forms and examples are provided as you read on. This may help to explain their hidden powers. He described the Universe being created out of chaos. Bek’Ti’ described how galaxies filled the void, and in time, how our galaxy was formed. The galaxy was named “Eridanus”. Within the chaos he describes the spontaneous generation of a single celled life form which through evolution transformed itself into the various life forms we know today. Intelligence flourished through time. He also describes the continuum of war amongst the varying Star Beings who inhabited the galaxy.

Bek’Ti’ then talked about humanoid life form and specifically the SSS nation - eventually controlled by powerful SSS-T queens and their M-K armies. They occupied the Ninth Sector of the galaxy. He speaks of billions of years of war and finally the SSS-T realization that an enemy was of little use if destroyed. They had concluded that reprogramming an enemy’s brain to conform to the new reality made more sense. Mind control became the science of military might.

Bek’Ti’ described the ARI-AN and how they were charged with maintaining the cultural and physical riches of the SSS-T empire. This included the riches of conquered nations and the history of poetry, music, art and dance.

Bek’Ti’ then described the mammalian predators known as the RRR. Through ruthlessness they carved a mighty empire in the Ninth sector. They came to be known as the ASA-RRR or Over Lords. The RRR led a fearless army of IKU warriors equipped with deadly Star-ships and fire-power. The ground forces known as the BEH were well known for devouring the flesh of the enemy. Eventually they were on pace to take over the entire Ninth Passageway, or the PESH-METEN. This caused great fear in the powerful SSS-T queens and the ARI-AN empire. The ASA-RRR had come to construct a planet sized warship known as AR or RR. Their science of war, and technology of death, came to be known as AT. However, the wisdom of the SSS-T queens prevailed. They managed to ally with the ASA-RRR by giving them over lord status of the Ninth Sector. This new empire became known as SS-RR-SS or Sirius. Under this alliance however, the ARI-AN queens under the rule of the SSS-T queens, became worried. Nonetheless a peace existed for some time until the arrival of the new ASA-RRR king known as the Great AN-AN. While life was good during his rule he would soon be challenged by his brother AL-SHAR.

Peace existed until the “Galactic Great Wars”. This war drew the ARI-AN and ASA-RRR empires into its fold. AN-AN and his M-K and D-K warriors were summoned to intervene by the powerful SSS-T queens. Through the great war a powerful deception on how AN-AN died was broadcast – he did not die in battle nor is there any mention of his re-animation. AL-SHAR no doubt was his murderer and this how he acquired the throne. AN-AN’s son, Prince AN-U, became a servant to AL-SHAR, who became known as King AL-AL.

During the reign of AL-AL a new star had formed. Lord AL-AL-IM, Master of Genesis Science, was sent to develop the new planetary system. The new sun had originally formed only two planets, one now known as Mercury (MUM-MU) and the other as TIAMAT. In time, Venus (DAK-A-MU) and Mars (DAK-MU) had formed. Then formed Jupiter and Saturn and finally Neptune and Uranus. TIAMAT was not the planet Earth and it was referred to as the dangerous paradise in the new solar system. The sun was called “Bad”. Oddly, Mars or DAK-MU had air, water, trees and had the most favourable environment of all the planets. After DAK-MU came TIAMAT, then BAR-BAR-U (Jupiter, also referred to as the World of Metals), then TAR-GALLU (Saturn, known as the Great Destroyer and the most dangerous planet), then came the poisoned and swamp filled planet known as SHANAMMA (Uranus), and at the outermost point existed a watery planet known as IR-U (Neptune). Many of these planets were colonized and exploited for their resources. TIAMAT was the jewel of all and AL-AL-IM, who became known as EN-GI, constructed a palace known as “KI’ to replicate the one of the ASA-RRR kings. This new solar system was named ARI-DU.

All was well, but change was coming again. On a celebrated high holiday the dethroned Prince AN-U planned his revenge against King AL-AL. The coup worked but AL-AL escaped. King AN-U now ruled the ASA-RRR Empire. While AN-U sought war with AL-AL, the SSS-T queens forbade it. AL-AL and AL-AL-IM had brought great wealth to the queens, including vast amounts of gold. To ensure his hold on the empire AN-U dispatched his elite IKIKI star pilots to monitor the solar system. He did not trust AL-AL and so AN-U’s son, AN-EN led the IKU patrol. He became known as EN-LIL, Lord of the Command. His other son EA became EN-GI and Master of Genesis Science, also known as EN-KI. EN-LIL was based in TIAMAT and controlled the skyways while EN-KI developed the planets, initially starting on SHANAMMA.

But war was on the horizon. AL-AL’s grandson and great IKIKI warrior AL-AL-GAR sought the throne from AN-U. His great warrior status made him an IKU Master and he became knowledgeable in the arts of the BEH warriors. His new title became IKU-MAR-BEH and ZU, One who is Supreme Master. AN-U feared this new foe and summoned him to ASA-RRR, where he became Royal Cupbearer – a position just under AN-U. Remember Shakespeare’s famous quote, “Keep your friends close but your enemy closer”. This event, his unhappy son EN-LIL and his feuding with EN-KI worried the King. However, on a trip to TIAMAT AN-U declared EN-LIL Lord of ARIDU and his authority over EN-KI. During this visit AL-AL-GAR staged a coup with his IKIKI loyalists and took the throne. AN-U erred in having AL-AL-GAR escort him to TIAMAT. AN-U’s great AR was captured but he escaped capture. In honour of AL-AL-GAR’s victory the palace was renamed AL-AMBA-ZU, or Olympus. AL-AL-GAR became known as King ZU-ZU, or Zeus.

Back in ASA-RRR, AN-U was furious. He had lost TIAMAT. While AN-U was planning his revenge, ZU-ZU beat him to the punch. ZU-ZU took his newly acquired AR and armada an went on to attack the great AN-U’s death-ship. They met in the star-ways and the two great ARs faced one other. A great battle ensued. The heavens were filled with chaos, thunder and lightning. ZU-ZU’s AR was crippled as it slid into SHANAMMA’s orbit. It rocked the planet, creating chaos, tipping its axis. The AR filled ZU-ZU’s warriors then disappeared into the void. But AN-U’s AR had suffered a similar fate. ZU-ZU in a smaller craft pursued the damaged AR throughout the solar system. ZU-ZU warships unloaded all their weaponry on the damaged AR. Having no other choice AN-U’s AR was directed towards TIAMAT. The impact destroyed everything including the planet itself. No one survived. In this great battle both AN-U and ZU-ZU survived. AN-U’s great AR was named TYPHON. (Refer to Crowley’s writings at the beginning of this essay).

AN-U was furious and he wanted his revenge. ZU-ZU knew his victory could not last. This war had also created anger within the ARIDU, ASA-RRR and ARI-AN Empires. The SSS-T queens once again ordered peace between AN-U and ZU-ZU. But in the background the ARI-AN queens feared an old enemy from another part of the galaxy so they sought an ally. Logic proved that ZU-ZU could not be trusted as he had already betrayed his own king. The ARI-AN and ASA-RRR empires joined forces to subdue ZU-ZU and it worked. The skies of the SIRIAN worlds were once again calm. King AN-U once again acquired his full kingdom. In ZU-ZU’s banishment he was referred to as the “Evil One”.

In the battle TIAMAT had been destroyed, Mars had been scorched and all life had perished. The planet was covered with ice. Venus had become an arid planet with poisonous oceans and Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter remained intact. Prince EA or EN-KI was ordered to rebuild the system. EN-KI employed the ANNUNAKI in this great feat. The planet EN-KI first chose was formed by the “Great Collision” and it was named ERIDU (the planet Earth). But this planet had an unstable inner core which caused the planet to wobble. EN-KI instructed the ANNUNAKI to build a large stone base of operations. However, the cutting lights, sound carriers and generators of the ANNUNAKI ceased to operate with the planet’s instability. EN-KI located a point where six energy lines naturally intersected. At this point EN-KI had erected a large energy house. Power crystals were placed inside the chamber. A reading of Admiral Byrd’s diaries, on the ANNUNAKI, should be explored at this point. You can also explore Grid Theory and Sacred Geometry at the following website:

A conclusion - The Earth is a huge generator and we need no energy solution, especially oil. The energy stations could have been the pyramids.

I should also make a quick mention of our “Asteroid Belt”. Its formation lies between Mars and Jupiter. This is exactly where “Morning Sky” situates the position of the one-time planet named TIAMAT. Within the Asteroid Belt the following was observed:
On January 1, 1801, Giuseppe Piazzi, Chair of Astronomy at the University of Palermo, Sicily, found a tiny moving object in the exact location predicted by the Titius-Bode Law. He dubbed it Ceres, after the Roman goddess of the harvest and patron of Sicily. Piazzi initially believed it a comet, but its lack of a coma suggested it was a planet.[8] Fifteen months later, Olbers discovered a second object in the same region, Pallas. Unlike the other known planets, the objects remained points of light even under the highest telescope magnifications, rather than resolving into discs. Apart from their rapid movement, they were indistinguishable from stars. Accordingly, in 1802 William Herschel suggested they be placed into a separate category, named asteroids, after the Greek asteroeides, meaning "star-like”. Upon completing a series of observations of Ceres and Pallas, he concluded:

Neither the appellation of planets, nor that of comets, can with any propriety of language be given to these two stars ... They resemble small stars so much as hardly to be distinguished from them. From this, their asteroidal appearance, if I take my name, and call them Asteroids; reserving for myself however the liberty of changing that name, if another, more expressive of their nature, should occur.

The great construction efforts were taking a toll on the ANNUNAKI and so EN-KI began to use the planet’s beasts to assist them. His ingenuity paid off and the solar system was regenerating life and progress. TIAMAT was re-born on the new planet ERIDU. Then Prince EA or EN-KI began to engineer plant and life form that could survive this new system. Nitrogen was a toxic gas to most other life forms. ERIDU’s atmosphere was filled with it. He created hybrid seedlings and creatures. His Centre of Life Sciences became a “Garden of Life” (sounds like the Garden of Eden). King AN-U declared that both Venus and Mars were forbidden to have life on its surface.

EN-LIL and EN-KI once again quarrelled and so EN-KI left with his sister NIN-HUR-SAG to pursue his science. The ANNUNAKI were left to the tyrannical work demands of EN-LIL. Their protest demanded that King AN-U return to ERIDU for a solution. Oddly, EN-KI on his return provided the solution. He would genetically modify the Beast by adding genetic materials from the ASA-RRR people. He explained that he had created SEMT-UR (half horse and half ASA-RRR) and MENT-UR (half bull and half ASA-RRR). How is your Greek mythology at this point? King AN-U was delighted with the idea. The Beast would be given greater strength, more intelligence and the ANNUNAKI would be content to have obedient labour. The Beast was named APA. This solution created great strife between EN-LIL and EN-KI.

Here EN-KI encountered a great personal battle. “Life controlled was not life evolved. EN-KI saw life as an opportunity for exploration of self.” EN-LIL believed the purpose of life was “to give undying service to the Kings and the Throne of AAA-RRR”. Now how do you feel about the New World Order and who is really behind it?

Here the revenge of EN-KI was born. EN-KI with genetic modification developed ADAPA (early Man) – strong arms and back, dexterity of hand and intelligent enough to follow instruction. EN-LIL disliked the Beast and did not trust it. It gave him a sense of foreboding. EN-LIL decided to destroy them by working them to death and this outraged EN-KI. Important note - The rules were such that the Beasts selected for breeding would determined and controlled by EN-LIL. This infuriated EN-KI so he approached the Beasts in the Garden of the Agricultural Centre and introduced them to a simple pleasure. It was spontaneous uncontrolled sex. The Phallus represents the source of life – uncontrolled sex may be the apple described in the Bible’s Garden of Eden. (Please read Crowley’s passage at the beginning of this essay).

EN-KI the Genesis Scientist whose trade-mark was two intertwined strands of DNA, like serpents mating, had endowed the Beast with the knowledge of “knowing”. Because EN-KI had broken the rules and upset EN-LIL, EN-LIL set out five specific commandments:

All Beasts must give complete and total obedience only to the Lord EN-LIL.
All Beasts carrying on remembrance of EN-KI would be punished.
All Beasts uttering evil sounds about Lord EN-LIL would be punished.
All Beasts must attend an obedience lesson every seventh period.
The mating of all Beasts must be approved by the Lord EN-LIL (no coveting).

EN-LIL allowed the ADAPA to remain but EN-KI’s greater being, named ADA-MUS, were banned. MUS means monster. The ADAPA who remained faithful to EN-LIL could stay in the Garden and the ADA-MUS were banished. Those who were banished were taught by EN-KI and his sister. Those who had direct teaching from Prince EA or EN-KI were called the “SU” (they who knew). The EA-SU, were the teachers who spread the “Way of EA”. The continued modification of ADA-MUS angered EN-LIL. So much so that he changed the course of the great AR death-ship and created a gravitational pull on the poles of ERIDU. The lands were flooded and all the ADA-MUS were sacrificed. EN-KI knew of his brother’s plan so he saved as many of the ADA-MUS as he could prior to the flood. EN-KI also had a water vessel constructed to save some of his Beasts (the story of Noah and the great flood?).

The surviving ADA-MUS re-populated the region quickly through uncontrolled sexual activity. Then EN-KI gave ADA-MUS the knowledge of beauty, the arts and music. ADA-MUS developed a sense of family and destiny. The inbred sexual desire of ADA-MUS would make it undesirable to the ASA-RRR. A DNA strand of “passion” was gifted to EN-KI by the AKHU. This “Gift of the Feather” now implanted in the ADA-MUS gave them more passion and feeling, even more than their ASA-RRR masters. Perhaps this explains the reverence Aboriginals place in the feather. The ADA-MUS’s intelligence soon made them the administrators of royalty. ADA-MUS even learned the art of war. What separated royalty and ADA-MUS was that royalty could re-animate in the event of death (they had the technology to overcome death) or perform medical transplants if injured or sick. EN-KI did not intervene in the ADA-MUS decision-making and thus the experiment of free-will began. ADA-MUS was eventually given a small region of the kingdom and allowed to manage their own affairs. The ANNUNAKI and the ASA-RRR always kept a careful watch.

We now enter the time of the “Great Takeover”. Prince MARDUK, son of EA or EN-KI sought the kingdom of ERIDU at any cost. Although wrongfully accused of murder, he was banished but later returned. He forged an alliance with the SSA-TA. They were reptilians who dwelled in underground caverns and sought the overthrow of the ARI-AN queens. The SSA-TA convinced the HEN-T to join the rebel cause as well. The HEN-T had become the trusted servants of EN-LIL and he could never imagine their betrayal. They had also become the trusted servants of royalty. The HEN-T had lizard DNA. Even the highest ranking TCHET-T of the HEN-T had joined MARDUK’s ranks. In the end, ERIDU, the island outpost of the ASA-RRR Empire came to belong to Prince MARDUK. EN-LIL fled back to ASA-RRR and EN-KI took some of the ADA-MUS and went to the star system BAAL-EA-DAUS, or Pleaiades, place of BAAL (Lord) EA DA (The Creator). All the royal heirs of EN-LIL and EN-KI were banished. MARDUK had sole dominion of ERIDU. He then erased all the royal history of ERIDU and proclaimed himself RRA, the sun god, lord god and creator of the universe.

The Owl God named Moloch, who is revered in the Bohemian Grove by our planet’s Elite every year, is in fact MARDUK. This god is associated with child sacrifice and each year the Grove enacts a ritual of human sacrifice. Who is really being sacrificed? Please refer to the work of Patrick Tierney, entitled The Highest Altar: The Story of Human Sacrifice,

His research into the origins of human sacrifice involve encounters among the Incas of the high Andes where priests and witches still conduct sacrificial killings combining Christian and ancient pagan rites, both of which are usually accompanied by heavy consumption of alcohol. Described in detail are methods of victim selection, execution and reasons for these acts--which include deification of the victim, propitiation of gods and of natural forces. Tierney's analysis of the complex evolution of attitudes toward human sacrifice examines the actual to the symbolic.

There remains very little said about human sacrifice, but even more perplexing is the number of people that go missing each year. Cult members could be masquerading as mind-controlled abductors and/or serial killers (consider David Berkowitz, Robert Pickton, Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy) – could they have been the minions of the Elite?

MARDUK’s first command was to re-programme the brains of the ADAPA and the ADA-MUS. He employed the SSS-TA to erase or modify the memory of the Beasts. Remember, mind control is the power of the royals. Knowing what was in store for them, many of the EA-SU fled into the forest. MARDUK wanted to make himself the only remembered god in ERIDU’s history. The programmed Beasts were at some point told to enter the light and they would find their ultimate reward. This is what many refer to as the death experience. Morning Sky argues that we should walk away from the light when we die. The light is eternal enslavement. As an additional security measure the SSS-TA built large towers that would transmit electronic signals to block any incoming signals from EN-KI or the outside universe. Were pyramids used for this purpose as well? This precaution kept the Beasts in an eternal fog. Consider this - are satellite systems, power grids and waves of all kinds preventing humanity from accessing the truth? The fourth commandment of EN-LIL was also adopted by MARDUK. The Beasts would be conditioned every seven days. The meaning of Prince EA or EN-KI was re-programmed to mean DA-EA-BA-EL, “Evil One” or “Diabolic One”. While RRA became the sun god, the SHET were really in charge.

ERIDU prospered and soon thereafter the SHET starting manufacturing a drug known as S-MA. Once a drug only for the royals, it was eventually sold throughout the galaxy. This could be the origins of our global drug trade. RRA instructed his children in the management of his empire. They came to be known as RA-KA-M or child of RRA. KA became KAM, which meant shield. They became the children of the shield RA-KAM. The re-animation center (Eternity) was placed in the hands of the high priests. They were named the RA-KA-PER-A-A or the RA-KA Pharaohs. Surprisingly, once all this had been achieved the reptilian SHET took control of ERIDU, the Ninth Passage, the ARI-AN Empire and controlled the drug trade. Unbelievably the SHET had undone the ASA-RRR, ARI-AN and the SSS-T queens. They now controlled a powerful Empire. The SSA-TA ordered complete and immediate mind alteration of everyone including RRA’s off-spring. The RA-Shields (Rothschilds) and the RA-Pharaohs (Rockefellers) became servants of the reptile SSA-TA rulers.

The SSA-TA or SHET are referred to as the alien “GREYS” today. The Indians call them the CHET-U. According to Morning Sky they have been in our midst for the past four thousand years. The SHET have ASA-RRR and SSS DNA. There are also small forces of other alien life on planet Earth. This is proved by Crop-Circles:

Morning Sky makes the following conclusions:

1. The AR Star-ship has departed for this solar system. They are the good guys.
2. The SSA-TA reptiles are bombarding the waves with negative information – examples include asteroids and comets heading towards planet earth. This is intended to place fear in the Beast. It will then justify the use of anti-asteroid missiles.
3. He says “Crop Circles’ are for the various hidden SIRIAN underground forces. The following describe the various Crop Circles:

a) Those intended for the forces of Lord RRA have a football shape, as in the mouth of RRA, or a circle with a dot in the middle, depicting the Sun.
b) Circles reminiscent of the Celtic Cross or other cross forms are intended for the SIRIAN forces.
c) Snake shaped forms are for the ARI-AN forces. Sometimes they take the shape of insects or bug-like creatures.
d) Mathematical formations such as triangles, mandlebrot etc are signals from Prince EA or EN-KI to the Beast (Mankind).

The great fear is that the Beast will destroy the Earth in the panic of an alien war for the planet Earth. Morning Sky concludes that “Earth and Man” will be the prize of the returning extraterrestrials, or our gods.

So we now come to Crowley’s description of the Besz, the Beast being one of the destroyers of the Earth. We are the gods of transformation and within us we have the royal blood of Prince EA. We have now explained the Triad described by Crowley.

AN-U’s great AR was named TYPHON and it is returning. We are the Besz or the Beast. Apophrassz is the sign of the Dragon and 2012 is the year of the Dragon. The secrets of the Mystery Schools have met the wisdom of our Aboriginal Elders. We have also come to understand the relevance of the Phallus. After EN-LIL’s flooding of ERIDUS it was our sexual reproduction that secured our future on planet Earth.


Bek’Ti’ concluded his visit by telling Morning Sky’s grandfather that we have one more choice. The choice is that we have the right to claim ERIDU, the planet Earth, for ourselves. Within us flows the royal blood of Prince EA - his own blood and we are descended from the Royal House of AN-U. Morning Sky foretold that the Great AR would return in October, 2011.

Morning Sky amongst other things stated that the Greys will stage a Second Coming and they will use the “Cell Phone” as the primary manner in which to mind-control Mankind. Gold and silver in the solar system are prized as technological metals and they have immense power. This could be the reason why gold and silver continue to rise in value.

What does this tell us about our monolithic religions and institutions, our government leaders and the media? How could this alter our perception of life, death and the soul?

It is at this point that I wish to tell you a very personal story. From an early age I experienced the presence of spirits. Many years ago the spirits manifested themselves into form. One spirit who appeared to me came as a warning. He appeared at 4:44AM in the morning. Four hours later that same morning my daughter became involved in a very serious vehicle accident. The description of this ghost is well known to the paranormal community. He is a well known 19th century teacher. Others ghosts have appeared in severed form and others have simply crossed my physical path. It was several years ago that something amazing occurred. I had the privilege of seeing Jesus in apparition form (EA-SU, the progeny Prince EA or EN-KI). I described this event in my poem I entitled “I Offer You Jesus”. It can be read and accessed via the following website

I awoke that morning with mild stigmata at the base of my wrists. What I witnessed in Jesus’ eyes left me with a feeling of utter emptiness. The look on Jesus’ face did not look to be betrayal, but rather that of utter confusion. I will stop here. I will tell you that my life was altered greatly. It impacted my career and perspective on life. Jesus was a blessing and a cross. But is He still relevant? The answer is yes and He is our Prophet. Is the global Church relevant? Only for those who “know not” the whole truth.

The Star Beings have confirmed that re-animation (bringing death to life) exists. This confirms the existence of a soul. The soul’s energy is specific and unique. They have described the creation of the Universe as an event outside their realm of possibility. So a greater Being must have been involved in its creation – that would be God. What I have learned is that the lowest form of life can be elevated to greatness. The only obstacle for all life to live in harmony is the Beast that dwells within us. I do believe Ghosts exist and they represent the emitted energy remains of the human form. Mass is energy. Prayer invokes those spirits and they will help whomever or whatever you pray for. Alien life exists and it is as good or evil as the Beast.

You can Download "The Terra Papers I & II" from the following link:

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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