Friday, April 1, 2011

Syria - In Cold Blood

Syria – In Cold Blood

Is anyone paying attention? Canadians have joined a murderous American Crusade and the reason appears unknown. In June, 1985 Air India flight 182 was blown out of the skies and 329 people perished. It took the Canadian government 25 years to admit to “intelligence negligence”. In December, 1988 Pan Am flight 103, on orders from Gaddafi, was blown up and 243 people died. The American government took no aggressive measures, other than to later create a business relationship with Gaddafi. This event should have created an opportunity for war.

So what am I getting at? War must have an economic opportunity – lives do not matter! Libya is a stepping stone for total Middle-East instability.

Why have the Americans waged this war on Libya? Well, they have not. It has been ordered by a Satanic Globalist Cabal whose political authority is unelected. Once again these assassins include the Bush Family, Clinton, Rockefeller, the Windsor Queen and the Zionist scorpions known as the Rothschilds among others.

Why is Syria the most important card in the deck?

a) Well, let us look at its geographic positioning. Syria is just west of Iraq (the Americans have hundreds of thousands of soldiers walking around killing Iraqis next door). What would it take to have thse soldiers walk westward? Not much.
b) It borders Turkey for quite a distant. Turkey is a country on the edge of Islamic fundamentalism and a key secular Muslim country. Could it be made to transition to a Theocracy with a covert revolution? The answer is yes and the CIA is very effective in this regard. Turkey has also become very friendly with Iran.
c) The big shock is Iran. Everyone thinks Iran is an enemy of western democracies. You could not be more wrong. Iran is most likely the strongest American ally, or should I say, Globalist ally. Iran is to Globalism in the Middle-East as to what Japan is, or should I say was, in Asia.
d) If this plan works, the road in Damascus will lead to Riyadh, and eventually Yemen. The big question still remains. Will they sacrifice Israel? Real history will show that Hitler was the bastard son of Baron Rothschild and the primary protagonist in the deliberate extermination of the Jews. The Germans did not plan the Jewish tragedy, the Rothschilds did. The Rothschilds can take back what they created anytime they want. These guys are evil satanic Zionists.

So what is the motivation? The primary objective, as I have indicated before, is China. China’s economic growth and influence in both the Middle-East and Africa have placed the Globalists in panic mode. Secondly, the Federal Reserve, whose principals include the assassins I have previously mentioned, has no more money. The well has run dry, and I as I previously stated, they want to raid the Middle-East coffers and secure control of the vast resources in the region. If China or Russia make a move the world will be in serious trouble.

Will Canada have to wait another 25 years to apologize to the people of Libya, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Yemen and possibly the Jewish people? Why are we allowing Harper to be controlled by these assassins and why can’t Canadians see it? I thought we had a great chance of averting a global war, but we continue to allow these people to indoctrinate more and more disciples of doom – Harper, Cameron, Berlusconi just to name a few.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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