Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Telephone

The Telephone

The telephone just won’t leave us alone
Meucci’s mania present in every home
Attached to the wire inside the plaster wall
Cordless features makes it so you won’t miss a call

Ring goes the phone to start the panic
Who could it be is the troubling manic
Pick up the receiver or wait for a message
Good news is better than something more presage

Staying in touch has made our lives simple
We now leave home with the electronic pimple
It makes us available twenty four hours a day
Also the main cause for the brain’s radioactive decay

Texting informs you even if you don’t answer
Beware, the pimple in the pocket could give testicular cancer
Slang makes English so much easier to read
No school teacher making sure you follow the grammar creed

The electronic pimple lets everyone know where you are
GPS proves more reliable than the guiding North Star
Nonetheless let those fingers dance atop the pimple’s glass cover
Your finger prints copied and registered you will later discover.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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