Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Would It Take?

Why has the land of the rising sun succumb to darkness? Nippon literally means the “sun’s origin”. Japan is an esoteric sacrifice.

What Would it Take?

What would it take to clutch every hand on Earth
What would it take to know that hunger knew no birth
What would it take to give each child an ounce of love
What would it take to have each tear wiped by a caressing dove

Why must we separate the meek from those who are strong
Why must those majestic silence the commoner’s song
Why must father leave shattered a distraught mother
Why must war pit brother against one another

Have you seen the slender face of famine
Have you seen disease ravage what the mind cannot imagine
Have you seen a bloated stomach clinging to its last breath
Have you seen why a wretched carcass would rather welcome death

When will the hand put down the anger of an unjust gun
When will we understand that we are not the number one
When will confrontation be the device we once knew
When will the hidden agenda make its final debut

Who of you could take a human life
Who of you dares to abort God’s divinity with an icy knife
Who of you professes to be greater than the Almighty Thou
Who of you have betrayed our covenant and spiritual vow

There is no greater sin than that of deceit
Its intent is to wipe clean an individual’s entire balance sheet
The conquerors’ aim is to vanquish your soul from all eternity
That hate could only be born from within a sickened fraternity.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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