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William Cooper – Killed November 6. 2001

The Story of the Alien Agenda
William Cooper – Killed November 6. 2001
High Security Clearance Naval Officer

To keep short this document I will note Cooper’s remarks in point form. The reason why Cooper is relevant, ten years after his death, is that his story is coming to life today. Disease, war, economic chaos and climatic catastrophes are the population reduction methods agreed upon by our Shadow Government long ago. William Cooper witnessed secret documents and had made them public prior to his death. According to William Cooper everything revolves around the Alien Agenda. Stephen Harper is a Bilderberg member. He knows the truth.

Eisenhower established the Jason Scholars, a secret society, to deal with the Alien question via NSC Memo 54-10 and 54-11.

NSC Study Group was formed via memos 54-12/1 & 54-12/2 in March 1955 and Nov 1955. They were originally written in 1954.

Two UFO crashes are more secret than Roswell. Both occurred in Aztec, New Mexico and both alien craft contained human body parts inside. The craft operated with a water-type reactor the size of a football.

In 1947 Project Sign and in 1948 Project Grudge and then Project Blue Book under Grudge were put in force.

CIA was first formed by Presidential Executive Order. Its first name was the CI Group - NSA Act later called it the CIA.

In Dec 9, 1947 Truman passed NSC-4 and NSC-4A to run psychological operations to deceive the American people about the existence of Aliens.

NSC 10-1 and 2 formed Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) - direct forerunner of MJ12 to secretly deal with the Alien issue.

Truman created the OPC as a buffer for future Presidents – only those trusted future Presidents were told of the Alien agenda.

MJ12 was secretly created in 1961. Because Secretary of Defence Forestal objected to the secrecy he was later committed to a mental institution against his will. The CIA then murdered him in 1959.

EB was the name of the first alien taken to Roswell. He provided amazing information about space and extraterrestrial life. The project was named the “Yellow Book” under Grudge 13. We discovered that aliens could disappear through walls and had to be kept in special underground holding systems. Alien physiology imitates photosynthesis. Dr. Mendoza looked after EB until he died in mid 1952.

On Nov 4, 1952 Truman created the super secret NSA by secret executive order. The primary agenda was that of alien communication - code named Project Sigma. The NSA was later given the authority to monitor worldwide communications. The NSA is exempt from all laws and they receive 75% of the intelligence budget.

Bilderberg Group was formed in Geneva, Switzerland to deal with the Alien Agenda.

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) leader Nelson Rockefeller and Eisenhower formed MJ12. This was Eisenhower’s biggest mistake. He abdicated the Presidency to the secretive group.
Project Plato was the first face to face contact with alien beings and a US President. The binary system was used for communication.

Human-looking aliens offered us assistance because they believed we were on a path of self-destruction. We refused because they wanted us to dispose of nuclear weapons. We felt this would compromise our security in the event of an Alien attack.

In 1954 large nosed “Grey Aliens” and the USA signed a Treaty. The Greys are probably Marsians. Eisenhower signed the treaty with his Omnipotent Highness Krlll. The Alien flag is the same as the Tri-Lateral Insignia. Aliens wear this insignia on their chest and it is depicted on their crafts.

While a treaty for an exchange in technology and the safe abductions of human beings was signed, it was broken by the Aliens. This is why Aztec, New Mexico brings fear.

Underground bases DaltC (unsure of spelling) and Area 51 were built as a place where this treaty could be carried out.

“Project Red Light” started the construction of alien craft. Due to engineering errors a huge explosion was witnessed over three states. The project was later delayed.
The President of USA does not have clearance to enter Area 51.

The Army’s National Recon Organization was formed at Fort Carson to protect Alien projects for the Navy. The troops were code named “Delta”.

DUMB (deep underground military bases) have been funded by secret budgets – as of 2001 at least 75 sites existed and an additional 22 were built by Atomic Energy Commission.

Eisenhower through NSC-12/1 formed MJ12. It was headed by Nelson Rockefeller and six members of the Jason Scholars (typically members of Skull and Bones or Scroll and Key), the NSC head, the FBI head, head of Joint Chiefs etc. Rockefeller became the second most powerful man in the USA.
Soviet Union later signed a secret treaty with the Aliens – Aliens betrayed Eisenhower.

In his report, Cooper has named all members of MJ12, the Jason Scholars and individuals involved with the Alien agenda. They include Brzezinski, Kissinger, the CFR and Tri-Lateral Commission members.

MJ12 kept secret the alien agenda because they were afraid of the economic and religious implications that would ensue on planet Earth.

“Joshua” and “Excalibur” weapons were developed to protect ourselves against the Aliens. There continued a big push for both these weapons to be developed prior to Cooper’s murder. We had no choice but to cooperate with human dissections by Aliens until we could defend ourselves.

Fatima was alien technology and they used Vatican moles to bring forth the message. A hologram of Jesus’ crucifixion was shown to members of MJ12. They stated that time travel is possible and we are what Robert Morning Sky detailed in the Terra Papers.

Population control sits as a major agenda in saving Planet Earth. Sterilization, disease, drugs etc. are used to carry out this mandate. Drugs, through George Bush and Zapata Corp, began the sale of drugs to U.S. citizens. The CIA controls the world-wide drug program.

Lunar bases existed on the moon before the USA began its space program. There is a populated colony on Mars (Russia-USA-Alien colony). The space program is a farce. We can walk and breathe on the moon – we simply need to decompress. No space suit required.

In 1963 John F. Kennedy informed MJ12 that if they did not stop the sale of drugs in the USA and expose the Alien Agenda in proper fashion he would do so. His assassination was carried out by William Greer (the driver). The order came from MJ12 committee. WILLIAM COOPER HAS SEEN THE SECRET DOCUMENTS.

Peanut Island was where money was shipped after JFK’s death. Island was owned by Joseph Kennedy. This was recompense and a secret payment for JFK’s death – payments stopped in 1967.

In 1969 a major conflict with the Aliens occurred. The stalemate lasted two years.

William Cooper knew he was going to be killed.

All this change and chaos is intended to destroy the vast majority of the human population. Morning Sky and Cooper agree that we as a people are capable of living in harmony. The only thing that stands in our way is the deception of individuals like Obama and his speech this evening. The wars in the Middle-East are a sham!

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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