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The 2012 London Olympics – The Last Illuminati Festival

The 2012 London Olympics – The Last Illuminati Festival

The 2012 Olympic Games are evoking great symbolism. Symbols are the language of secret societies and those who consider themselves enlightened. The logos, characters, shapes and the fable associated with these games have ominous overtones. These games may be the games in which humanity becomes the attraction in the revived “Circus Maximus” and the “Coliseum”. If any of you thought the Roman Empire was dead, it’s not. If any of you ever thought the Pope and Vatican were not the most powerful force on Earth, think again. I encourage you to read the following with an open mind, because the human mind has lost its aperture (look up the meaning of this word, it may save your life).

The symbols I will draw to your attention are the following:

1. The puzzle-like shape of the “2012” logo, as well as the alternate configurations,
2. The “steel tear-drop” shape of the mascot named Wenlock and the alternate ideas pertaining to steel.
3. The meaning of “Wen” and “Lock”,
4. The revised meaning of the “Five Olympic Rings”,
5. The symbolism of the “Rainbow”,
6. The shape of Wenlock’s face, and
7. The meaning of “George”,

Before we begin our review of the symbols let us first describe the plot which surrounds Wenlock and Mandeville (the Paralympic mascot which will not be discussed in this essay). The fable was entitled “Out of the Rainbow” by its creators:

At the steelworks in Bolton they are finishing building the last girder for the Olympic stadium. Two drops fall out of the molten-steel, and once cooled are picked up by a man named George. The day happens to be George’s retirement day so he signs the finished girder and cycles home. He gets home to his wife and grandchildren as they give him his retirement cake. Later when everyone else is asleep he decides to make a gift for his grandchildren out of the steel drops. The next day George and his wife give their grandchildren the steel Wenlock and Mandeville. The two children take the mascots up to the attic and place them on the windowsill when a rainbow forms going through the house. The rainbow brings Wenlock and Mandeville to colour and to life where they learn sports from the children, posters and the TV. Wenlock and Mandeville realize their names from books and trophies before leaving on the rainbow. The story ends with: “And then suddenly the rainbow is back. Wenlock and Mandeville know that it’s time to go: their journey has just begun: so many adventures to have, so many people to tell. But they will meet again; in London, in 2012. They’ll be there, you’ll be there, the whole world will be there.”

It is no secret that the numbers 2012 transform to the word “Zion”. But more intriguing is the fact that the shapes also come to form a “Dragon”. I encourage you to manipulate the pieces so you can discover this yourself. If you cannot achieve the images I will email them to you. Zion no doubt a foretelling of the “Third Temple” and the “Dragon” refers to Niburu and China. Hopefully, you have been following my commentaries and poems so that you are familiar with the symbolism. If not please read my two essays on “Robert Morning Sky”, the solution I provided for the symbols in “Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa” and the poem “Dragon and Bear”.

The tear-drop symbolizes mankind’s inability to temper (symbolic in the steel) his spiritual being with his physical being. Below is the meaning of the teardrop as provided by Rabbi Michael Laitman:

In spirituality, tears are the expression of a passive participation in correction. They’re a sign that a person or soul is spiritually weak. This is a state where one has a small screen. That is to say – a screen that only protects one from egoism but doesn’t enable one to work with egoism directly, to bestow.

It is written that the Creator sheds tears into the Great Ocean because He cannot make the correction for the person. A person has to want to be corrected, but he doesn’t want it. And the Creator is more pained by this than the person, and He sheds tears (Light) into the Great Ocean – the desire He created, and because of that the toughest part of the desire is corrected.

There was a peculiar “teardrop” event in 2006:

Located in Bayonne, New Jersey, with little to no media coverage….no signs or ads leading to it on the streets. It is billed as being a gift from Russian president Vladimir Putin to America and was created by Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli. The monument was the source of many controversies and disputes. It was originally meant to be erected on the New Jersey waterfront but officials rejected it. It was finally placed in Bayonne, facing the New York skyline, but many still complain that this 10 story horror blocks the wonderful view of the city. The art community stated that “it was not just unpleasant, but to the point that it was offensive“. Others have said that it looked like a woman’s vulva and that it was Russia’s indirect of way of calling America a pussy…cat. There is also the fact that the memorial included huge pictures of Russia’s dictator Putin and America’s all-time worst President George Bush Jr. The sculpture is actually a large teardrop.

Now let us look to the meaning of Wenlock. The name has more meaning when it is broken up into its two syllables. Wen is symbolic of our modern world.

Wen is a disparaging nickname for London. The term was coined in the 1820s by William Cobbett. He saw the rapidly growing city as a pathological swelling on the face of the nation. But, what is to be the fate of the great Wen of all? The monster, called, by the silly coxcombs of the press, "the metropolis of the empire?

The Lock no doubt depicts the shackle on Mankind. London is the home of English Freemasonry and its banking centre. It also holds resident the caretakers of Zionism – the Rothschild family. Zionism is not Judaism. Zionism is a covert arm of the Vatican. To the Jewish people – get over it! The wolf hides in sheep’s clothing.

The five Olympic Rings will come to signify the five planetary objects within the Asteroid Belt. This event occurs every 3,600 years and is named the Saros Cycle. Zecharia Sitchin refers to this same measure of time as a Shar. The five planets will be Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Nibiru.

The rainbow image depicted in the fable is of major importance. From a Bible perspective the rainbow appears in both Genesis and Revelation, the beginning and the end.

In Genesis, a rainbow appears right after the great worldwide flood brought in order to remove sinful and evil-minded man from the earth. The rainbow symbolized God's mercy and the covenant He made with Noah not to destroy the world in such a way again……….. Rainbows appear again in the prophetic book of Revelation, which foretell the end of man's rule on the earth and the coming of Jesus to set up his Kingdom.

One need only to look at Wenlock’s face and make the following observation - his face has only one eye. He is the messenger of the Illuminati – the “all seeing eye”.

Finally, we come to the character of George. No doubt these are references to George Orwell (rejoicing in 1984), both George Bush Jr. and Sr. – Senior for announcing his vision of a New World Order and Junior for perpetrating 911 and beginning the war on terror - thus fulfilling Pike and Mazzini’s end-game manifesto. The final tribute is to St. George. He is the patron Saint of England and remembered as the Roman Soldier (born in Syria) who slew the Dragon.

So there you have it, the hidden message behind the 2012 Olympics. When “Big Ben” chimes, like it never has before, the count-down to Armageddon will begin. We are doomed to repeat our past.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede
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