Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Choo-Choo Train

Choo-Choo Train

Air, Land and Sea are the three amigos of economic trade
Connect the ports and you have a perfectly scripted parade
Logistics is the science that keeps trade flowing
Provided of course Mother Nature’s winds are not angrily blowing

Adverse weather patterns will create future travel obstacles
Surety of safety rests only with the wise old barnacles
We have spent much time on global warming
Little attention has been directed to an ominous peril which is quickly forming

Let us leave the alien mysteries of Mother Nature
More formidable are the dogmas of the present financial nomenclature
Through their devices the Elitists have managed to undo the masses
Their goal is to have us sitting on our bare asses

The winds will be raging throughout the heavens
Air traffic may be reduced to one day rather than the sevens
Waves of waters will rise to kiss the mountains
The creaking ships will sit in port as stationary fountains

Adverse weather may be that which finally divides each continent
For Globalism a very unwelcomed strategic condiment
Herding the masses will pose a definite challenge
The doctors of doom for solutions they eagerly scavenge

The “final solution” rests with the reliable Choo-Choo train
This most trustworthy of all transport travels through all terrain
Disciples Buffet and Gates in their investments would agree
The cabooses of their trains each contain a Nazi “Banshee”

Fill the cars with wheat and oil
Just enough for the masters so the goods will not spoil
Load the hogs and cattle too
Off to the slaughter will also be contained me and you.

Thank you and keep on chugging you chooches,
Joseph Pede

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