Thursday, April 21, 2011

Disappearing Pubic Hair

Disappearing Pubic Hair

Long ago cave people displayed their sexual paraphernalia
Body hair covered the privates much like Masonic regalia
Men the hunters survived by instinctual ability
Women gathered greens to increase Caveman’s sexual virility

The fear of baldness never raised any concerns
Hair created the perfect cover when fornicating among the ferns
Determing who was on top a quandary amidst the woolly yarn
Those were times a great orgasm may have included a gentle darn

Ah butt then along came the flaming fire
Nature’s heat soon made body hair quickly expire
All that remained was the hair surrounding the pubic utensils
Darwin quickly took aim at all the Cavemen with tiny pencils

Women watched the slaughter as only the stubbies remained
An extra inch to the vagina brought pleasure that appeared unexplained
So was fashioned the perfect couple
Rampant copulation saw Mankind grow by a sizeable quintuple

Money brought change to the bedroom’s stage
Disappearing pubic hair made prostitutes become all the rage
Bankers were delighted with the returns on illicit passion
A balding vagina became the ultimate fashion

Amid all this attention clitoris discovered her power
Women’s Liberation began her prowl for Man to devour
Kill the family and the house as a home
Rather let’s hit the nigh-club and have sex under the dome

The Godly temple a burdensome cancer on Sunday morn
The body felt imprisoned like the child unborn
Too much booze and too much pot
The New World Order had cunningly re-fashioned humanity’s plot.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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