Friday, April 15, 2011

Free Will

Free Will

You delight in your own demise when you participate in a celebration of royal marriage. The vast majority of human creation has taken refuge at the edge of existence. We have accomplished this by relinquishing our divinity and by rejoicing in pompous ritual. Monarchy is the root of anarchy. If you can no longer afford to eat it is because Monarchies have a financial interest in “Big Oil”. We should be resurrecting Cromwell, not applauding Wilhem and Kat!

A belief in God should not be a function of a secret agenda or political will. The betterment of humanity cannot be subjected to malevolent protocol. Manipulating an individual’s free will is genocide.

This genocide can take the form of religious secularism, adherence to a universal language, the introduction of a global currency, a uniform system of justice, media manipulation or a ubiquitous political mind-set. When we standardize and limit the scope of our free will we resign ourselves to an absolute authority - an authority which will have achieved this influence by duplicity and corruption.

Free will allows individuals the freedom of expression, the right to cultivate thoughts and ideas, and most importantly, the right to develop their conscious and subconscious identity.

The “goal of each soul is to exist as a schist”.

As we progress into the chasm of collectivism and uniformity our heavenly gift of “free will” will die with it. Whatever special inalienable rights that have been bestowed upon us, will perish. We will be returned to a form of bestiality which will embrace hate and not love, our adoration will be toward the finite and not the infinite and truth will be relegated to the horrors of indifference.

We can achieve a New World Harmony by exterminating the veiled Order. The only Authority that matters is God. The Disciple should be you. The Congregation should be a diversified “free thinking we”. The faith we have placed in our Churches, Governments, Institutions and the Military should no longer be extended. They now constitute the major roadblock as to why you and I can no longer be “we”. Their crimes are so heinous that capital punishment must be the only verdict. If we are to achieve a renaissance in justice then we must be willing to eradicate the evil that has taken hold of our common sense. The individuals we have entrusted with man’s future have been transformed into assassins.

Freemasonry is “singularly” responsible for the demise of our world. It has infested our religious institutions, government, media, all forms jurisprudence and the public and private business sectors. Exposing and eliminating this parasitic leach from our fabric of existence should be our primary goal. Why? Because our extermination is Freemasonry’s primary goal!

There can be no civility in those who engineer their own success while deconstructing the foundations of civilization. They accomplish this treachery through lies and deception. This conspiracy manifests itself through war, oil, hunger, disease and all things found in Satan’s Temple.

A friend once remarked that it takes ten geniuses to undo the work of one idiot. So why have we idiots failed so miserably? If you wish to confirm that Freemasonry is Satanism, please research Albert Pike. One of Freemasonry’s greatest leaders openly venerates Satan and candidly ridicules the lower degrees of Freemasonry as the dispensable and ignorant adherents to evil.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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