Thursday, April 14, 2011

Giffen Good

Giffen Good

Everything we consume now a “Giffen Good”
If you thought I said goof you obviously misunderstood
A light bulb lasts for no longer than hour
The water bill overflows with an extended hot shower

Tuna contaminated much more than ever
Pricing Sushi has become a princely endeavour
Mad Cow lingering in that one inch Angus steak
Frightened cattle shiver with each Ponderosa quake

Costing “Texas Tea” for Jed Clampett has become a plight
His Hillbilly friends have resorted to incest for evening delight
The KKK so too have put a hold on the burning of all crosses
They instead bang woks and douse wood with their favourite soy sauces

Tuition for an education has gone through the roof
Deciphering political corruption will become your burden of proof
Prescprition fees for all your ailments can only be described as “sky high”
Your venom should be directed towards the “All Seeing Eye”

To the Hypocrites hiding in the Masonic Houses of Ill-Repute
Joseph Pede

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