Saturday, April 30, 2011

The House of Hanover

The House of Hanover

There was a House that war and slavery built
To this day for their crimes the members consider neither shame nor guilt
The present line-up you know is quite sublime
The ancestry is rather German than notably Lime

Good old Prince Phillip loves his word nigger
Fayed indicted the racist of giving Diana her untimely rigger
Bonny Prince Charlie prefers chatting with his well adorned plants
Soothing comfort for when Camilla is found yelling in a drunken rant

The Duke of York so too failed in his momentous marriage
Sarah had the family twitching when she was found under a carriage
Princess Anne has proven to be a reliable daughter
To this day the gardener styles her hair with the palace’s finest sewer water

Now we come to the red-haired Harry
The elder of this younger one should be extremely wary
A member of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Gl├╝cksburg
Kaiser Christoff is in command of this notorious Fourth Reich-purge

Finally Wilhem the future royal of the Anglo-Germanic throne
Completely in a fog as to when Hanover became Windsor’s unknown
Happiest when flying whirlybirds across open waters
His honeymoon will reveal the royals’ plans for humanity’s intended slaughter

Life behind the castle walls is really quite pleasing
The worst of it is when the knickers curl with an abrupt sneezing
Oh but the decisions can be thoroughly intoxicating
The only word Elizabeth fears is the one known as abdicating

Her duties these days are quite minor you know
Hip Hip Cheerio! I bequeath an oil spill followed by snow
One too many mouths to feed say the lords, dukes and earls
A good culling she commands we must then quickly unfurl

If not for a great crime what would she do
These days she finds jolly playing polo atop a saddled kangaroo
Charlie and Philip are patiently waiting for the old bag to drop dead
The boys want to be in charge when murdering the masses becomes widespread

Ah my fellow serfs why wait for their bountiful harvest
A few aristocratic refuse for the world will be much easier to target
With pomp and ceremony the ending must go
“Off with their heads” will be the main theme of the revolutionary show.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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