Saturday, April 23, 2011

Queen Elizabeth a Major Player in Global Genocide!

Queen Elizabeth a Major Player in Global Genocide!

Stephen Harper announces that he would establish an Office of Religious Freedom. It would be part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and would cost taxpayers about $5 million a year.

Mr. Harper we don’t require an office of religious freedom bather rather an office which exposes the corruption of Freemasonry within all our institutions. Secrecy, social engineering, sedition and Satanism are the foundations of Freemasonry. We simply do not require another $5 million of taxpayer funds being spent on more Masonic appointments.

How do you keep a straight face when you make these announcements? Why don’t we focus on detaching ourselves from a corrupt Monarchy – a Monarchy that was involved in the extermination of Canadian Aboriginals, colonization and abuse of global cultures, Negro slavery and human genocide? This covert genocide lingers to this day through Monarchist influence and ownership of the oil and uranium industry. Their hands you will find are coated with the blood of children, women, men and Diana.

Queen Elizabeth owns $35 Trillion of Land, Oil and Uranium rights throughout the British Empire. She has a vested interest in radiating and killing the world.

Yes, let us celebrate Wilhem and Kat – the future killers. I agree with the British students who protested tuition fees – OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

Listen to the 2:00 minute mark of this tape.

I think they have deleted the above video already. Please do your own independent reserach on Leuren Moret and watch her introduction video below:

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Joseph Pede

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Anonymous said...

i often ask people why they would possibly believe that the worlds most powerful family of dictators after a manic spree of world domination would just hand over their power to a free democratic society. they spent generation after generation organizing, corrupting, killing and enslaving just to hand it all back over. i would not beleive it even if there wasnt a seemingly bottomless pit of evidence to get not only prove it but underscore it with blood. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A giant "*****" force more sick and violent than anything you can imagine.