Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things you should consider doing after Good Friday

Things you should consider doing after Good Friday
Your religion matters not - God built a universe not fences

Cancel your Facebook account – it’s social engineering at its finest

Surf the net using an “in-private” browser window so they cannot track your activities

Take everything out of your Bank Safety Deposit Box

Make sure you have an accurate accounting of all your RRSP/Investment Funds

Make sure you update your home policy for earthquake coverage

Do not donate any funds to any charity or cause – its organized theft

Convert all your American currency to Canadian Funds – U.S. dollar stocks with hurt you on the exchange

Take your money out of mutual funds and take control of your future

Buy a quantity of bullion gold or silver

Sell any American real estate that you may own

Buy a Geiger counter and check radiation levels on everything you buy

Buy vitamins and medical supplies for future use

Stop drinking all forms of soda pop and Florida Orange Juice

Stop buying gasoline and take public transit

Stop eating junk food immediately – McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King et al.

Travel within Canada

Be tough on your kids and their teachers

Do not buy any more video games

Be kind to strangers including your self

Believe in a higher Authority, not the Media

Expose Freemasonry at every level and clear politics and public institutions of all Freemasons

Harper, McGuinty and Blair should be charged with Civil Rights Violations and the first two for defrauding Taxpayers of Billions

Fight against the fraudulent Middle-East war, an unjustified attack on Islam and know that our Intelligence agencies are dumb

Do not vote for Stephen Harper and get our troops out of the Middle-East

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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