Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden’s Death is Pure Fiction – This is about the Birth of a New Security

Bin Laden’s Death is Pure Fiction – This is about the Birth of a New Security

There are reports that Bin Laden died of kidney disease in 2002. Speculation is that his body was preserved since that time and that his cadaver would be used for a critical moment in history. Now Osama re-appears as the mortally wounded victim of a bomb attack. Let us put this event in to perspective. Since 2008 the global community has been hit with an economic depression, Middle-East war & uprisings, bank fraud & Ponzi schemes, natural & unnatural catastrophes, joblessness, nuclear fallout and disease pandemic. The American economy is collapsing; China and Russia are securing greater global dominance; the U.S. dollar’s dominance as the global reserve currency will soon end and HAARP has failed in its attempts to mimic Mother Nature. Yet the consequences have been substantive.

Bin Laden was Saudi business royalty. His personal net worth was in the billions of dollars. How could a man with this wealth and power be drawn to the CIA or require dialysis for that matter? People buy organs throughout Eastern Europe and Asia like you and I buy candy. The Jews are the biggest peddlers of human body parts. Bin Laden was a close friend of the Bush family, a trained CIA operative and by the end of it, a patsy. His involvement in 911 was in name only. The real traitors are Dick Cheney and George Bush - the individual terrorist selection and training was left to the Mossad. Remember that Cheney gave the order for security forces to stand down during the 911 attack.

Ultimately, this is all about SECURITY – security disguised as Marxism. The global community has fared well despite the fact that we have been taken to the cleaners. A growing socially conscious voice of reason has taken on a masked criminal oligarchy and rogue military industrial complex. This voice has helped stay a much more aggressive attack by these Marxist Elitists. My hunch is that these assassins have their backs against the wall and they are now eager to escalate global chaos. In order to achieve this end an event of unprecedented proportion must take place. This would be the only way a New World Order could achieve such an end – through the pretext of security. I don’t believe that the collapse of the American economy or the collapse of the U.S. dollar will achieve this end. Global economic forces, who are adverse to a market melt-down, will manage its positive re-transformation, despite the Globalist agenda. Gold and silver will achieve this end. I am not convinced that China and Russia will be drawn into world war.

When you play cards with Devils the possibilities are endless. Here are but a few:

1. Presidential assassination,
2. Assassination of a prominent monarch or the Pope,
3. Detonation of an atomic device,
4. Catastrophic geographic event (i.e. madrd Fault),
5. Deadly virus with no available vaccine,
6. Critical food and water shortages,
7. Major weather anomalies,
8. Osama Bin Laden to re-appear as the arisen Anti-Christ,
9. Aliens.

Remember the New World Order thinks while it sleeps. Guard your slumber. My hunch is that Osama has had a great decade long vacation.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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