Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Deadly Mistake of Thinking Local in a Global World

The Deadly Mistake of Thinking Local in a Global World

Today we live in a world where global geo-political and socio-economic events matter to everyone. We seem to have been drawn into a financial hypnosis where political and economic models focus on momentary events and not the longer-term consequences. A simple example would be the cost of gasoline and why an inconceivable monopolistic regional pricing policy would be acceptable to society. We have been made to believe that we have achieved peak oil; that instability in the Middle-East will restrict the supply of crude oil and that weather anomalies are restricting refining plants’ ability to produce and distribute gasoline. Global fuel consumption has remained relatively unchanged for over a decade yet pricing has sky-rocketed. Major contributors to the rising price of oil are threefold. First, the barrel price of oil is tied to the U.S. Dollar (i.e. the global reserve currency). More specifically it is a function of the U.S. dollar index and that indicator is falling. Secondly, it is a function of greed. Oil has been and will continue to be the indirect currency of the oil cartels. Increments in the price of oil act as a global tax and ultimately diminish disposable income. Rising fuel costs will mean that the price of all goods and services will rise in proportion to the price increase in oil – this creates inflation and increased unemployment. Finally, countries like China and Russia no longer trade oil on the U.S. dollar.

I believe its time Canadians stopped absorbing scripted propaganda and start indulging in reality. Our relatively safe borders have invisible fences.

You should investigate why NASA is employing a huge cloud making device in the Mississippi area. The deadly noise emanating from this machine is only a by-product of its main focus - creating more water downfall along the Madrid Fault Line. This can only be considered sheer lunacy.

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