Saturday, May 7, 2011



Economic concerns are pushing many moderate religious Jews into Haredi arms, just as economic, social, cultural and national concerns are pushing the moderate Arab community into the Islamic Movement's arms. And the writing on the wall points a finger not at the "Arabs" or the "Haredim," but at the government, which has abandoned its citizens to extremists. - May 8, 2011

The divisions in Israel continue to grow as extremist Ultra-Orthodox Jews take on mainstream Judaism. While Islamic radicalism was born through the ugly manipulation of American foreign policy, Haredi has become Israel’s home-grown version of fanaticism. This you will not find in mainstream news.

For those of you who believe that Osama Bin Laden was vainly amusing himself by watching some old video-taped terrorist manoeuvre that he took part in years ago, I offer you the following question. How is that a man, with no visible means of self-defence (other than a TV converter), who appeared alone, was “VIDEO-TAPED” prior to the raid, was then shot and killed? I have yet to see a small black and white TV equipped with a remote control.

The biggest crime syndicate on this planet is comprised of bankers, monarchs, aristocrats and politically appointed leaders. They have created a virtual world that has morally, ethically, politically and financially bankrupted humanity. They have sought secularism through hate, globalization by the demoralizing hand of joblessness and poverty and they have helped construct a media empire whose primary goal, is to lie.

Extremism at all levels, whether born by manipulation or religious beliefs, will ultimately justify the actions of the criminals who have revelled in its making. The people of every nation must unite to cut out this cancer. God will not do it, Moses will not do it, Jesus will not do it, Mohammed will not do it, Buddha will not do it and the ghosts of the brave soldiers who have perished defending “nothing” will not do it. Truth must ultimately be defended by something that is even more difficult to find – it is called justice. There is no skin colour, gender, religion or someone’s station in life that offends God. God is best found in your ignorance and fears. He awaits you there. To be undone by fools will cost creation much.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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