Friday, May 13, 2011

Letter to President Jimmy Carter

May 12, 2011

Dear President Jimmy Carter

RE: His own words – Why did George H.W. Bush think we would lynch him?

Kind Sir:

The Presidency one might say is a virtual ghost which heeds to the directives of an infinitesimally small and unelected malevolent power. The politics are simply the by-product of a sinister agenda. Eisenhower and Kennedy represented the last great hope for identifying and trying to eliminate that evil. Not because they symbolized the greatness that America once was, but rather because of the great message they seeded for all of humanity. Their words spoke of a reality that appeared light years away, yet that hideous truth has manifested itself in every thread of our human consciousness today.

Both were military men who witnessed the horrors of war. More agonizingly they knew of a future cataclysm or conundrum that would present itself to the planet’s future generations. Knowing of his inability to correct the situation back then, the first President may have died of a broken heart. JFK’s heart was made to stop beating through assassination when he attempted to address the same issue shortly thereafter. Below is a remark made by George Herbert Walker Bush to Sarah McLendon many years ago:

"Yeah, Sarah, if people find out what we've done, they'll chase us down the street and lynch us"

I refuse to call the assassin mentioned by Ms. McLendon President. I believe you understand fully my remark. “Habitat for Humanity” is a wonderful and noble cause, but what would happen when there remains no habitat for humanity, or more precisely, what would happen when there is no more humanity?

Your ears have heard things that only you and a select few people were privy too. Now the vast galaxies absorb those sounds as alien frequencies. Foreboding waves that if captured would create revolution on planet Earth. Those secrets tell of a history that in all likelihood will never be told. Age and long life are a wonderful gift. They are like the two hands of a finely crafted watch. The hands orbit the flat plane as the precious seconds tick away. I suggest you have a watch which tells of a time when acting on bravado was not a wise thing to do. JFK learned that lesson far too well. But what do the hands of time say now? Below is a letter I wrote to General Romeo Dallaire a short time ago.

Military men follow orders knowing full well that war is an exercise in power - a power that is practised behind closed doors and protected by a fraternity of unsuspecting neophytes. Soldiers make ready their sacrifice on the pretence that elected officials, and not a veiled power, make decisions that will ultimately better the entire human condition.

Unfortunately, we know that military conflict is being deployed to bring about human suffering, estrange nations, punish political systems and diminish the opportunity for planetary peace.

Human beings, in a very short period of time, have acquired the “intelligence” to understand what is right and what is wrong. Why then have we failed so miserably in trying to curb our appetite for hate? I believe this hate has become institutionalized. The greatest disciple of this hate-filled theology is the media.

My suspicion is that you are a man with a deep moral conviction. A man at odds with the uniform he wears and the truth. Rogue military men are attempting to undo the truth by destroying our planet. A rogue Military Industrial Complex following the edicts of a malevolent Illuminist core of individuals who have brought about economic chaos, geological mayhem (HAARP), poverty, hunger and a continuum of war.

So why am I telling you this? Because I believe you have the ability and the military networking might to destabilize this cancerous clique of evil. I do believe there are military men who seek peace because they know first-hand the pain and suffering of war. It is men as you who can undo the corruption in our political, financial and military organizations. The world is on the edge of a great precipice and we need not be there. I know you know that. I urge you to start the next chapter of your career. You must help expose and eradicate the monarchies, aristocracies, institutions and fraternities that have waged war on mankind.

Your reply will be graciously accepted. However, an unselfish act on behalf of all humanity would be more appreciated. I presume you know what I mean by act. You were a President whose trust was suspect by the powerful Elite. That makes you incredibly important today. The bad things that are attributable to you, which we will attribute to fear, should now be done to bring fear to the very same group of people that ritualized chaos for humanity. The truth would build more homes, more than you could ever imagine. Perhaps you could retire your sorrows for good.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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