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Lt. Colonel James Corso - The Most Important Military Man of the 20th Century

The Most Important Military Man of the 20th Century
Lt. Colonel James Corso

We are designing an existence whose future is predicated on the morbid doctrine of obsolescence. Societal acceptance of industry’s misplaced ideology of greed will see it destroy the physical and ethereal realms, and ultimately the soul’s dimensional possibilities. Obsolescence is not the necessary outcome of scientific enhancement but rather the instrument of regressive mind control. The continued introduction of faster and better has made us inept and dispensable. Obsolescence is a process which uses the human population to develop the technology that will ultimately make us obsolete. It is the spiritual and behavioural transmigration of human evolution.

In earlier essays I discussed the journey of Robert Morning Sky and a book by Zecharia Sitchin, specifically The Lost Book of Enki. Both individuals table the incredible journey of mankind from an alien perspective - Morning Sky from his grandfather’s encounter with alien beings and Sitchin via his fascinating translation of the Sumerian tablets.

Let me say this, before I write about Lt. Colonel Philip Corso, his influence and his eventual encounter with alien beings.

“The Soul is energy and energy adapts to technology. Technology is God’s instrument of power. The greater our knowledge of technology, the greater will be our kinship and understanding of God. Obsolescence is the timid process of denying God to mankind.”

Colonel Corso may be our most important 20th century military man yet very few people have ever heard of his name. When we say “top secret” we seldom know what those words mean. There are anywhere from 15 to 38 levels above top secret - the highest level is known as “cosmic or fifteen”. Less than 300 people on this planet hold these types of security clearances and they are not talking. It is said that these people are members of the very secretive “Alien Contact Intelligence Organization and its scientific division known as the Labyrinth Group”. Corso held nine security clearances above top secret. His military involvement helped him covertly seed many of the scientific enhancements of the 20th century yet his influence is relatively unknown. While Morning Sky and Sitchin present second hand and archaeological evidence of alien life form, Corso presents first hand evidence of extraterrestrials. Below is a brief summary on Colonel Corso:

Corso was a key Major in the Roswell Incidence of July 4, 1947 – Fort Riley. He witnessed the deceased alien bodies.

Corso and 30 Generals had taken a “Battlefield Oath” not to talk about Roswell until the last General died. The last one to die was General Trudeau in 1992. Corso then began writing his memoirs.

Corso was a key “Senate Internal Investigator” in the JFK assassination. His book “The Day after Dallas” has never been published. This is to protect the 50 or so conspirators who are still alive today. George Bush Sr. no doubt is one of them.

Corso’s family have multiple and complete files on Roswell, the JFK assassination and other untold secrets. Corso indicated that only Eisenhower and Regan had security clearances for Roswell. He worked for them both. No other Presidents had this privilege.

Corso was a key player in the “Philadelphia Experiment”. Not only did the experiment work but it was also a major success. The experiment centered on “Time Travel”. Corso indicated that Einstein was a member of the team.

Corso was in complete charge of “Operation Paperclip” and notables like Wernher Von Braun and Arthur Rudolph worked directly for him. Corso was appointed head of this operation by President Eisenhower.

Corso stated that Roswell had accomplished one thing; it had “Altered Mankind’s Timeline”. The exposure to alien life and the boundless knowledge that existed within their technology exponentially increased our capabilities. He saw this as a gift.

In the early 60’s, General Trudeau and Colonel Corso made alien recovered products available to outsiders for the purpose of reverse engineering. Our great corporations and scientists believed they were the basis for all these new and startling discoveries. The birth of integrated circuits, lasers, fibre optics and a host of advanced technologies are in fact attributable to extraterrestrial finds.

Corso stated that Human Beings could not travel outside friendly space (i.e. Earth and Moon). Aliens could do so because they have two brains. One brain is humanoid and the other is built with technology. The latter allows them to travel in space.

Corso stated that the most important thing that Roswell gave us was “Time Travel”. This is the secret that the Elite are protecting. Knowing the future is wondrous and a dangerous thing. Mankind in all likelihood is incapable of managing such a power. A UFO is “Time Travel” and it moves within multiple dimensions and layers of time within a singular moment. Alien craft are living organic vessels coated with a rare earth chemical element known as “Yttrium”.

I hope you will do your own research on Lt. Colonel James Corso. He truly was a gift to Mankind. He helped open the door labelled “Top Secret”. Take a peak. In a way he was acting on orders. Eisenhower coined and warned about a rogue Military Industrial Complex and its abuse of power. Perhaps Corso felt compelled in giving humanity a chance at knowing the truth. The Army is in control of “Time Travel” - let’s see where they take us.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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