Friday, May 6, 2011

Osama to Rest Been Lay-den

Osama to Rest Been Lay-den

Obama has bin really bad-en
He made sure Osama has been put to rest and Lay-den
Big ado about a man that was already dead
No evidence showing a bullet went through his frozen head

Hilary’s picture looks like she went into shock
It’s not fun seeing Obama’s weiner stuck in Bush’s crock
She put her hands over her mouth because she was very shy
Someone stated they wanted Trump’s nuts in the deep fry

Big raid by the Navy Seals looked extremely frightening
Jesse Ventura said “hold back the book” I have more writing
The capture after all was a big success
Acting extras only cost the CIA a small heroin chest

A no name bounty hunter so too was involved in Osama’s search
Accompanied by a canine commando seen chewing on beef jerk
Bernanke was so delighted that he started the idled money press
His job is to continue as best possible the current financial mess

The news media in their treachery remained truly grand
They helped validate that Osama is buried six foot in the can
But in all this we should be weary of Mr. Obamanation
His lying deeds are intended for WWIII causation

Al Qaida’s retaliation they say is now at work
Terrorists will bomb rail stations for an angelic perk
Gates and Buffet’s trains have been put on high alert
For sensationalism passengers will be made to pop and squirt

We are now witnessing the final rise of the American Nazi
Mengele’s mind control has made the Presidency a paper patsy
Spread a little Heinz ketchup atop your big fat whopper
You will be the final condiment they grind in the heavenly hopper.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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