Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

(Comedy + Tragedy)/Reality = (Propaganda + Treason)/Virtual

There are those who describe a two-party political system as two heads with one body. The aggregate of these elected monsters form an army of democratic deception. These parallels are often drawn when two political rivals are at play in one election race. Let me describe a more menacing possibility - one head with many bodies. The following scenario is intended to shake lose all those nuts dangling from the walls of that swelled cranium.

On September 11, 2001 Dick Cheney and the Bush administration conducted an attack on its own soil and killed many of their own civilian population. This attack was intended to mask the impending collapse of Wall Street, hide the financial corruption that was ultimately exposed in late 2008, settle irresolvable Israeli - Arab geo-political stalemates and to give birth to Pike & Mazzini’s manifesto of doom, in which the stage for WWIII would be set. In this scripted heresy the personification of evil was created. That evil was baptized “El Qaida” and its high priest, through the sacrament of blasphemy, was ordained. Osama Bin Laden arose through the ashes, fury and madness to become the enemy of civilized man. For a decade Globalists have been entertaining the masses with an apparition whose primary responsibility in 911 was like that of Judas. History haunts Judas as the man who sold his soul for thirty pieces of silver. Judas betrayed the Son of Man, Bin Laden betrayed mankind. If we argue that Judas was a pawn of divine intervention then we may conclude that Bin Laden was the lackey of Satanism.

Prominent political leaders, Madeleine Albright and now deceased Benazir Bhutto, attested to the fact that Bin Laden had died of kidney disease in 2002, and was put on ice for a future political event. In fact, this was made public in much of the mainstream media. In May, 2011 this resurrected ghost of sedition was killed in a military raid. I will now explain what I mean by one head and many bodies. Bush and Obama are positioned to be political polar opposites. Yet looking at each of their records you would not be able to distinguish who was who in the political arena. This is where it gets interesting. The Bush administration put Osama Bin Laden on ice for Barack Obama’s New World Agenda and re-election bid. George Bush put on ice a “trump card” which could have been used for McCain’s platform, but did not. Obama's victory was not left to chance. What you must understand is that Bush and Obama are bodies of one extremely sadistic evil head. Obama has been trained, manipulated and positioned to achieve the ends of the Global Cabal.

The greater tragedy is that we sit back and watch mainstream media report all these contrived military heroics, and then transform it into patriotic sensationalism. The degree to which this monster has grown is unsettling. On May 2, 2011 Stephen Harper won a majority parliament – Heaven help us! The victory speech presented a Stephen Harper whom I had not seen for almost two years. It was at this point that something horrible came to mind. Our leader and many global decision-makers are victims of mind control. As impossible as that may be to digest, you must consider the possibility. How is that senior political, military, business and media executives fail to divulge what is the obvious to a confused public? How is it that military personnel, even ones that have left the service, fail to report government crime? The silence is ominous. 911 and the great Ponzi schemes of the last decade crystallize this point. These revelations came through the cracks in the foundation and not through the cracked minds.

What I find unnerving is that Prince Charles paid a visit to the White House today - with very little news coverage. The House of Windsor is on the move. These are definitely trying times.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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