Tuesday, May 10, 2011



When one considers the art of strategy, one immediately contemplates war. When you consider history, only three great strategists come to mind. These men include Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great. In the fold, there was one other man. War and subjugation were not His means of ultimate victory. His strategy was redemption. His triumph came through his own personal demise. He lost the battle and won the greatest war of all time. That Man was Jesus.

The lust for power and the desire to love God have always been odd bedfellows. God in most cases is the manifestation for war. This decade of prophetic wonder began with a Haitian earthquake and the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico. The tragedy lingers in a collapsing Japan. The Pyramids of Egypt have given way to a sinister master. Slowly but surely, Libya saw the hand of murder cross the Mediterranean. The walking dead now stand guard in Yemen, Syria and Saudi Arabia. All the while the land of Enki is pooled in blood and the arid hills of the enlightened mystics rot in death’s decay. Flooding, earthquakes and disease have filled the cavities of human emptiness. We should also thank NASA for creating huge rain clouds in the Mississippi area. NASA has sequestered 150,000 acres and appears to be assisting the rain and weather catastrophes along the Madrid Fault line. Bubonic plague, asteroids and illicit weather will see the masses migrate as cattle roam the pastures.

For most of this destruction we must give praise to the great twenty-first century strategist and his Globalist Masters. This political prosthetic seeks fame through deception, sedition, murder and chaos. His fraudulent birth is followed by a biography of lies. In this grand treachery he now commands the wooden armies of a weary-winged Daedalus. The greatest terrorists of the past five decades have lived in a house that is painted white. Simply ironic!

When this eagle has lost all its feathers the bear and dragon will enter the world stage. America and its allies are spending vast resources to undo China’s global economic expansion – specifically in Africa, the Middle-East and the Mediterranean corridor. Russia’s strength is in its patience and uncanny influence. Obama’s European Controllers are doing their utmost to draw China and Russia into war. This will prove to be the strategy of fools. I hope the sword of justice finds the mutinous necks of the monarchist, aristocratic and political demons which plague human misery in the same manner as maggots infest a petrified carcass.

When all the destruction and chaos has been fulfilled according to evangelical prophecy, and Satan’s will, China and Russia will enter the stage as the benevolent saviours. They will seek no aggression, but rather they will rebuild everything the Black Prince has destroyed. China and Russia will heroically march westward as the forsaken eagle drops to the ground. The destruction of the planet will be proven to be an exercise in futility. The threepercenters and the ethical military leaders of the world will hopefully subdue the rabid military industrial complex before nuclear weapons are released.

The New World Order will emerge with Confucius on the left, and Rasputin and the right. Jintao and Putin will be confirmed as the greatest military strategists in history. This is what happens when Obama is the personification of Osama – not a wise strategy. Hold onto to your hats kids.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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