Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Are You Awake?

Composed November 1, 2010

Are you Awake?

We have entered an age where the willingness to thrive has been asphyxiated by regulation, statute and an unfathomable justice. A just social order has surrendered itself to consumerism, secularism, government corruption, economic chaos, conflict amongst nations and the addiction to technological mutation. We are as a planet doomed to failure because we have embraced an ethical indifference whose seed of apathy has helped create a new definition for human segregation. We have taken the common law and transformed it into an illogical precedent. We have taken a legacy of continued prosperity and strangled its potential by a facade of fear and scientific degradation. This new and improved industrial revolution is in fact a revolution.

The fact that we see and feel the impact of this change and do very little to invalidate its influence proves that we have been psychologically indoctrinated into a new and distorted form of existence. This lobotomized new reality appears welcoming but in fact it continually induces a physical and mental servitude upon the masses. This psychological brain-washing has extracted our spiritual veneer and waged war on God. While religions historically waged war via a misguided doctrine of evangelicalism, today we wage war via satanic propaganda. We, as the Prophets have foretold, await the Devil’s Messiah, knowing of his potential rule of terror, and accept it.

Economic indicators have become barometers of vice, government mandates have become manifestos of manipulation, media news has transformed a quasi-realty to an animated skeleton, power has transformed itself from a perceptible good to a treacherous evil and what was once a simple approach to life has been seductively appropriated by Fraternity.

Our planet currently comforts six levels of existence. These levels of existence create an unfair competitive advantage for certain economies, make extinction of certain classes viable for the purpose of war and the others are manipulated robots of Luciferian rhetoric. The first level of existence are the primitive, second are the poor and uneducated, third are those whose human potential is controlled by a totalitarian ideal, fourth are those controlled by a wayward Theocracy, fifth are those controlled by Capitalism, and finally, those who have become victims of their own misguided enlightenment. Oddly, the survivors of a planetary cataclysm would likely be the first and the last. The first existence will survive because they have instinctually prepared for death and the last because they have secured the capital and technology to cheat death.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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