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The CFR, the Fabian Society and the Ark of the Covenant

Composed November 6, 2010

The CFR, the Fabian Society and the Ark of the Covenant

How did European Illuminists infiltrate the U.S.A.? The Council on Foreign Relations came to life in 1921 and was to address America’s role in the world. In 1913, the Federal Reserve took control of America’s monetary policy and soon thereafter the CFR became the think-tank for American foreign policy. The acronym CFR, in my best estimation, defines Cecil and Francis Rhodes. When the powerful Cecil Rhodes died he willed his tremendous wealth and ideology of a One World Order to unknown sources. His father Francis was a Church of England Minister and so might explain his motivations to establish a secret society on the very successful and powerful Jesuit Order platform. The Rhode’s financial empire to this day may be defining globalization and the new social order.

The British cousin to the CFR is the Fabian Society. Their intended aim is to change society by gradual reform. Their reformist mechanisms are invisible to society and in almost all cases are driven by a most decisive democratic tool, the “vote”. The vote, to the sceptics, is none more than an artificial victory for the masses. The opponents are in fact partners and the mandates of change never come to pass. The Fabian Society agenda can be defined by an ideology of collectivism.

These societies and their ideologies exist because powerful men have been able to secure positions of power in all segments of our society. The great irony is that these individuals operate for the supposed benefit of all mankind, yet exclude mankind in their New World Order debate. Surprisingly, the one thing that stands in the way of this Anglo-American empire and their New World Order agenda is Communism. China has defied all odds and has now become the key ingredient for the success of a New World Order. But never exclude Russia. The agenda for these societies was and always has been the suppression of human will and freedom. Make no mistake that we are in the midst of the greatest power play in the history of mankind.

I will leave you with one final thought. Biblical lore has always made reference to a special box. The box was named the “Ark of the Covenant”. The Ark disappeared when the Babylonian’s plundered and destroyed Solomon’s Temple. To this day it remains a legend. The Ark contained three very important things. First, it contained the Ten Commandments, second, the Rod of Aaron and finally, a jar of manna or bread. The Rod of Aaron, like that of a Shepherd’s, will guide the lost, should the lost seek guidance. The bread symbolized how God fed the people of Israel through difficult times. These times will be upon us and it may be wise to reflect on a higher authority. Finally, humanity’s ultimate success may be found on two simple stone tablets with ten simple rules.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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