Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Twenty Signs the Global Economy is Waning

Composed November 9, 2010

Twenty Signs the Global Economy is Waning

A Mexican yelled ole and slaughtered the Wall Street “Bull” – Rocky Mountains Oysters now served

Ireland has just collateralized its very last Leprechaun

Iceland is illiquid and on the rocks

Bernanke has fulfilled his pledge to the Luciferians – he has broken all Ten Commandments

Barack Obama’s ears are growing – how many white lies can someone tell

Osama Bin Laden is terminating his vacation stint at the CIA’s “Sands Hotel” – last seen boarding a camel for Yemen

India is now preaching a caste system for the entire world

Hu Jintao is changing his name to appease the bankers – it will now be “Who Julius Caesar”

Vladimir is “Putin on the Ritz”

Berlusconi has taken refuge at a “House of Ill-Repute” and asked for a daily plate of pasta to go with his meatballs

The Queen of England has filled all her cavities with the Crown Jewels and told Philip to go screw himself

Mexican Drug Lords have signed a Chem-Trail agreement with the U.S. Navy – New take on Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Stephen Harper and Stompin Tom Connors are personally addressing the bed bug problem

Israel is calling for a six day war – Reiterating that God rested on the seventh day as well

The Pope has secretly placed the Rothschilds on waivers - waiting to see if anyone else will claim them

Haiti is waiting for the comet to hit it

Indonesia is filming Earthquake II with a tsunami in the backdrop

Pink Floyd has taken another brick out of Wall Street

Freemasons have come out of the closet – led by a cloned double of Freddie Mercury

The World Wide Web now requires a Canadian Loonie for start-up.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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