Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Fool, Fanatic and Filosopher

The Fool, Fanatic and Filosopher

What distinguishes one from the other two
Perhaps the sum of all three makes genius come through
There is a force which imprisons the characters of social activism
It is born through the ignorance of malevolent re-activism

The fool is a simpleton who masquerades behind the societal wall
Cautious as to his approach because he lacks the appropriate gall
Wisdom rests paralyzed inside his throat
Vocabulary limits his attempt to properly connote

The fanatic is inclined to do away with fear
Poised between extinction and the paradigm frontier
Pre-disposed to engage the conventional norms
Undaunted by the reprisal of the establishment storms

The Filosopher is a guide for the Fool and Fanatic
Know that global despair is a symptom of something much more Satanic
My best advice is to do away with all things Masonic
These heathens of Hell play in the Devil’s philharmonic.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

EGO scisco Omnipotens Deus , in is septumdecim dies de septumdecim mensis , vinco cimentarius gentilitas de Abyssus , quod restituo alcedonia ut nostrum Terrenus paradisus.

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