Thursday, July 14, 2011

Letter to Mayor Robert Ford

Mayor Robert Ford

I would like to offer some advice. The City’s budget deficit will prevail as long as one matter remains unaddressed. It is a matter that has infiltrated every level of government, the justice system, corporate boardrooms and the media. I am referring to the impact and presence of Freemasonry. All City of Toronto employees who are members of these fraternal organizations must be made to disclose their particular membership. All external groups doing business with the City must divulge this information as well. This singular presence in our society has cultivated nepotism, bred cronyism, seeded protectionism and diluted opportunity for outsiders. I could provide many examples of this sterilizing and crippling disease, but I know that you know what I am talking about. Before you start your pilgrimage on eradicating jobs for deserving City employees, perhaps you can start by addressing the “Masonic Fat” in government.

Then perhaps you can concentrate on why Premier McGuinty and Police Commissioner Blair still have their jobs in light of the civil rights and liberties violations during last year’s G8/20 summit. These individuals got away with this behaviour because they are Freemasons, and the system has been constructed to protect them. The crimes were committed in Toronto and you are the Mayor. I voted for you so I am looking for affirmative action in areas that require it most. Perhaps the City should seek damages for the billions that were misappropriated by Dalton McGuinty (E-Health, OLG etc.). If these individuals were subjected to the justice system, then perhaps, we the uninitiated, would not fall prey to this covert organism that lingers in the shadows of our society.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Post script:

One last thing. I am hoping you can address what has become a lingering issue for many people. While the following issues may not fall within your jurisdictional responsibilities, perhaps an interim City task force can be established to audit Ontario Hydro meters and Gasoline pumps throughout the City of Toronto. My belief is that both these devices have a built-in sinister technology. Oil companies have been fined many times by the Federal government for overcharging. Unfortunately, that has not curbed their activities nor directly compensated individuals who have been over-charged. While this would be an added cost to the City, the economic benefits to individual taxpayers would be enormous. Gasoline prices will soon start climbing and so will electricity bills.

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