Saturday, July 30, 2011

Murder on Parliament Hill?

Murder on Parliament Hill?

The veil of the operating room theatre is slowly closing in on the citizenry of democratic nations. The best Agatha Christie novel or Shakespearean play, pale in the magnificence of this scripted crime.

The concentration of power and the fermentation of a malevolent ideal are being held together by an infected suture. We can talk about the political and economic debauchery in Greece, Egypt, Libya, the Middle-East, or on a macro-level of a collapsing Europe, Northern Africa, Middle-East and USA.

Canada presents itself as the perfect specimen of health. This illusion is as far from the truth as possible. We are being attacked from all sides. The TSX takeover and the infiltration by the “City of London” would have had dire consequences for our economic stability. When I speak of the “City of London” I speak of the true power in the United Kingdom –The Central Bank headed by the families of Rothschild, Schiff, Warburg and Oppenheimer. Prince William’s speech which crystallized Elizabeth as Canada’s Queen, the repatriation of the Magna Carta in Winnipeg and a new border agreement with the USA are all signs that we are in the caring hands of a malevolent surgeon.

How has the current government of Canada won the day? What I conclude are not the typical conclusions. Ignatieff became the sacrificial lamb in the demise of the two-party system – a covert system of government that has functioned like “alternating current” for the past two centuries (i.e. in all Democratic nations. It is most evident in the USA. Please look to the meaning of alternating current to comprehend its symbolism in politics. The only unexpected outcome of the last Federal election was the demise of the Parti Quebecois and the rise of the New Democratic Party. The fall of Separatism gave birth to a “new” two party system. Separatism was a controlled contagion but a political ideology born through the open eyes of a suspicious youth and disaffected population could become dangerous. Jack Layton would thus be considered dangerous – a Freemason flying in the face of a global Masonic agenda. Need I say more?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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