Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Norway & Anders Behring Breivik

Norway & Anders Behring Breivik

The violence perpetrated by Anders Behring Breivik is not the act of a deranged psychotic killer, but rather the logical conclusion of controllers who have programmed killers such as this. Assassinations and mass killings serve a covert purpose - one which has grown in popularity since 9/11. Look to the global financial crisis, and your finger will point in only one direction. Our Luciferian decision-makers are the multiple apparitions of one evil head – Freemasonry. Its members include political leaders, media CEO’s, the Military Industrial Complex, Central Banks and Monarchies - only to name a select few.

Please enlighten yourself and discover how our governments and intelligence agencies have devised plans to create fear and chaos among the masses. “Operation Gladio” is but one of them and it is now in play.

Libya and Egypt are another case in point. Current intelligence illustrates how Gaddafi became a patsy for the CIA and the Lockerby bombing. What they will not tell you is that Gaddafi’s billions were providing interest-free loans to countries throughout Africa. Investments that were re-building a once slave nation. They will not tell of Libya’s trade-agreements with China and the vast wealth in oil which were being re-invested throughout Africa. All this was being done “without” the participation of the killer central banks – specifically the IMF and the World Bank. The latter inflict war, chaos and financial upheaval for the benefit of a hidden few. Gaddafi`s economic expansion plans for Africa fly directly in the face of the evil described above.

The world is being projected as a negative. When your mind fully develops the truth, the depth and scope of the evil being perpetrated by the people we now trust will sicken your soul. Listening to Rex Murphy of the CBC pontificate on the Norwegian tragedy only proves that he is a disciple of the very same people creating this havoc. Operation Gladio is in play!

While you may not agree with my point of view I ask that you ask yourself the following. Why are Haitians dying after $4 billion dollars in aid, why are 20 million people dying of hunger in Ethiopia, why have over one million people in Iraq died (in a war waged by lies), why have tens of thousands of Afghanis died in a fictitious event to capture Al Qaida operatives (they work for the CIA), why are Pakistanis being killed daily by unmanned drones and why do the lives of millions of people who have died in this manner become meaningless.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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