Monday, July 25, 2011

Profit – The Concept That Grew to Become a “Monster”

Profit – The Concept That Grew to Become a “Monster”

Bankers have become “Beasts”
Politicians have become “Piranha”
Military men have become “Maniacs”
Aristocracies have become “Annihilists”
News makers have become “Narcs”
Corporations have become “Criminals”

Greece has just received another bailout. The first bailout did not work. The more they borrow the greater are their borrowing costs. The Central Banks have also taken an interest in making sure the Greeks keep paying a higher interest rate every time they borrow more money. The Federal Reserve on the other hand lends “trillions of dollars” to failing corporations and other Central Banks at zero percent. Even to JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs – they are the ones that put Greece in the poor house. Yet these firms are paying billions of dollars in bonuses to their executives. What about the weighty dividends paid to the Windsor Queen or Beatrix for that matter? Yes, keep waiving those idiotic arms at the very people that are trying to undo you. Soon you may be dangling by them.

American Presidents Bush1 and Bush2, Clinton and now the butler Obama have mastered well the art of assassination, murder, drug trafficking, war and economic chaos, yet we buy their books and listen intently to what they have to say. Get rid of this Satanic refuse and start fresh. We are one flush away from a clean toilet bowl. All of these Presidents were sworn into office with a Masonic Bible – that’s right, disciples of Lucifer.

Every crisis, war, attack, incident, calamity is the hard work of Intelligence and Military agencies. They have nothing better to do than to kill people. I don’t think they know why they do what they do anymore anyway. Everything is so secret that no one knows who is in charge of all the secrets. Secrets have become so life-threatening to the people that know them that the game of murder and chaos just keeps growing.

Let me tell you a little secret. Profit has become so appealing that the idiots have decided to do away with you and me. Do we have a plugged toilet, and if so, can someone get the plunger.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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