Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Surreal Thing

The Surreal Thing

Remember when Coke was medicine for the soul
It claimed to cure everything but not very effective at birth control
First presented in a straight-sided bottle
Enough potency to put the human body in full throttle

Decades later it was dressed in a Hobbleskirt glass frame
A frosty six ounce and a half ounces even put champagne to shame
The “real thing” in its history transformed from “classic to new”
This the time when “mystery” was added to the new potent brew

The “Red” can made its debut as a 12 ounce container
Dispensable, with no need for the five cent return retainer
The convenient seal made obsolete the lonely bottle opener
Simply crush the can to make ready for the aluminum coroner

The “Travelling Medicine Man” of old had formulated the perfect elixir
Coke evolved to become the ultimate mixer
Secret ingredients pack a punch for mind and body
“The surreal thing” the quintessential “human reality antibody”.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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